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ABB Leverages ESTECO Technology to Handle the Complexity of Mechatronic System Design

12 March 2015

ESTECO has just published its new white paper on how multidisciplinary optimization helps resolve major challenges in the automation industry. Discover how ABB Group has been able to face two optimization problems using modeFRONTIER, the multidisciplinary optimization platform developed by ESTECO, to maximize mechatronic product performance, meet reliability demands and ease overall environmental impact.

ABB Group is a global leader in power and automation technologies aiming to design the best and most efficient products and systems, covering almost every segment of the power generation and industrial process control market.

“The ability to manage mechatronics is becoming increasingly important – says Daniel Wappling, Global R&D Manager at ABB –    as simulation encompasses more and more systems and not just components: the impact of the mechanics, electronics and software all need to be accounted for.” 

ModeFRONTIER significantly helped ABB Group reducing complexity and looking at system interdependences while meeting the automation industry's ever-increasing demand for reducing energy consumption and improving reliability and performance.

“In the case of the Twin Robot Xbar Press Tending Robot System – says Daniel Wappling, Global R&D Manager at ABB – with modeFRONTIER we obtained a 12% energy saving, without compromising performance. Obviously, this is something that can’t be done by hand, you need an optimization software to do it.”

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