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BMW keeps it cool with modeFRONTIER

Mon, 16/12/2013

The optimization platform developed by ESTECO helped the BMW team create a reliable transient cooling system model, enabling the automatic fine-tuning of parameters and reducing the number of model validation steps

Trieste (Italy), 16th December 2013The Diesel Engine Development Department at BMW used modeFRONTIER® to optimize the transient cooling system of the six-cylinder/225kW diesel engine and to support the validation steps for the newly updated thermal model. Thanks to its advanced integration, automation and optimization capabilities, the multidisciplinary and multi-objective platform developed by ESTECO SpA helped define an accurate framework for comparing and optimizing different cooling packages to increase engine efficiency. 

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption, an effective strategy is to improve the performance of the engine transient cooling system. To identify better configurations, the team of BMW engineers developed the air side and coolant circuit model using Kuli, one of the most popular thermal management simulation software available, supported by 3D-CFD simulations. 

By interacting with the Kuli engine model, modeFRONTIER® allowed the engineers to set up an effective optimization workflow capable of detecting the optimal configuration for the main key parameters (five heat transfer coefficients and four heat capacities).“The easy-to-build integration between the two software enabled faster identification of the best heat transfer coefficients and thermal inertia in the engine analyzed”– says Günther Pessl, Head of Simulation at BMW.  When transferring the test bench model to the real vehicle model, some parameters indicated fluctuations during the validation cycles, especially oil temperature which showed the largest deviation during hill climb.“Thanks to the optimization loop performed on the hill climb cycle the engine parameters were refined, resulting in a significant improvement in accuracy measured on the Miramas BMW test track”says Pessl.

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