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Consumer Goods

Increasing uncertainty is shaping the consumer goods industry, as more challenges emerge. Rising commodity and energy costs, sustainability and product innovation are a few of the trends that can be addressed with the right technology strategy.
modeFRONTIER’s unique features for process automation and multidisciplinary optimization enable quicker and less expensive product development, by reducing the need for physical testing and by efficiently identifying the optimal design solution.

Applications of modeFRONTIER
in the consumer goods industry

From the Adidas sport shoes to mineral water bottles, modeFRONTIER has been used to:

  • vacuum cleaners
  • household appliances
  • sports equipment
  • pumps
  • domestic boilers
  • kayaks and rowing boats
  • composite materials
  • LCD screens

Few examples:

The aim of this paper was to investigate whether the optimum solution changed if the runner accelerated during a stride. The simulations showed that there is very little change in optimum design angle.

Achieving best performances for a product need first of all to define the metrics of the performances and design options. Once these are clear modeRONTIER can drive the simulation software to high end result. A boomerang is a flying object quite simple in shape but challenging in the physics...

By examining only the internal glass of the pyrolitic oven (consisting of visco-elastic material), the aim of this work is to achieve the best glass-clamping system configuration, in order to obtain the minimum stress distribution and stress gradient.

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