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According to IBM Thought Leadership “to satisfy the connected consumer’s demands for a quality device experience, electronics companies need to expand their focus to include capabilities that foster collaboration, glean customer insight and enhance service operations.” Such high performance requests call for shorter time to market while boosting innovation efforts.

modeFRONTIER optimization and automation platform allows savings of time and cost of physical testing, by providing a framework to analyze electrical parameters and simulate electromagnetic fields. The software aids identify the optimal structure, verify the functional architecture, enhance system performance and fine-tune component interaction under operating conditions.


Applications of modeFRONTIER
in the Electronics Industry


modeFRONTIER enables electric and electronic engineers to produce the best during the design and simulation processes. Examples include:

  • electric motors
  • robotic machinery
  • heatsinks
  • circuit breakers
  • MEMS design
  • electromagnetic actuators
  • energy-harvesting devices
  • antennas
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) devices

Few examples:


Single coil actuators are representing one important component of ABB’s medium voltage reclosers. Their performance is strongly influenced by the considered material properties as well as by the electronic control units’ proprieties that will power the actuator. Therefore, this paper focuses on electromagnetic actuators modeling and simulation and optimization.

Using modeFRONTIER, the antenna engineer who is usually simulating with CST MWS Transient or Frequency domain solvers, can obtain an enhanced benefit : he can now proceed from analysis to efficient optimization and then synthesis. The problem consisted of the optimization of a seven element antenna array to improve the radiating performance.

With the shortage of real 3D IC MPSOC implementation, we propose in this thesis to study the 3D design methodologies on ASIC for MPSOC architectures based on 3D NoC.

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