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Industrial equipment & Turbomachinery

In this broad and diversified market, complexity of current product offerings, evolution of the energy sector, and the need to comply with higher standards set serious challenges for suppliers.

Invaluable assistance is provided by modeFRONTIER, a multidisciplinary design optimization platform. Integrated with modern CAE solvers, modeFRONTIER enables sophisticated optimization campaigns, and process automation in designing components and sub-systems. This technology leads to important cost and time savings by avoiding physical testing and project delivery delays.

Applications of modeFRONTIER
in the Industrial Equipment and turbomachinery field

Engineering design processes which benefit from modeFRONTIER include:

  • heavy machinery
  • impellers, compressors and turbochargers
  • gas and steam turbines
  • turbine blades and rotor
  • injection nozzles
  • heat exchangers
  • drilling machinery
  • presses and pumps
  • die casting machines and processes
  • industrial robots
  • roll-to-roll systems
  • injection moulding
  • friction stir welding
  • filling machines
  • fans and blowers
  • control systems

Few examples:


The objective of this article is to determine a wire coating-hanger melt distributor geometry to ensure a homogenous exit velocity distribution that will best accommodate a wide material range and multiple operating conditions (i.e., die wall temperature and flow rate change).

A new proportional change over valve has been studied by Tetra Pak engineers in order to increase the flexibility of a filling machine, optimize the air temperature in the aseptic chamber.

Flexible materials such as textiles, papers, polymers and metals are transported on rollers during their processing. Maintaining web tension in the processing line under an expected web speed is a key factor in achieving good product quality. The emphasis of this paper is on the design of linear parameter varying PI controllers to increase closed loop system robustness.

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