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mF4LV to be showcased at NIDays

Tue, 01/10/2013

The first application bringing optimization into LabVIEW
projects will be presented in Paris on 12th February

Trieste (Italy), 10th January 2013 – LabVIEW users are now enabled to improve product performances and reduce testing time thanks to the new Hardware-In-the-Loop optimization capabilities offered by mF4LV. ESTECO SpA, a leading technology provider of numerical optimization and modeling solutions, will be exhibiting at the upcoming NIDays in Paris on the 12th February 2013 to showcase the first application bringing the optimization power of modeFRONTIER platform into LabVIEW projects.
Just released in the Japanese market, the innovative integration solution developed by ESTECO for LabVIEW users is a light installation of modeFRONTIER helping engineers and scientists to quickly reach a desired response from the hardware or system under test. The advanced algorithms within modeFRONTIER, a world-class multidisciplinary environment for engineering design optimization, can in fact easily be exploited for Hardware-In-the-Loop optimization process.
The software modifies automatically the values assigned to the control parameters achieving a desired response from the hardware or system under test. mF4LV delivers better results by perfecting monitoring parameters tuning and significantly reducing calibration time.
mF4LV can be used for a variety of time-saving applications, including
  • tuning simulation models with experimental data,
  • reducing manual effort and time of tuning control parameters mapping the measurement systems,
  • creating and exporting meta-models of experimental data (Neural Networks, RBF, analytical functions, etc.),
  • optimizing industrial controllers with HIL Systems or physical hardware
  • building and optimizing hybrid real&virtual systems.
Speeding up the effectiveness of the entire testing process, mF4LV provide the user with multiple benefits, encompassing:
  • enhance the stability of solutions despite uncertainties by fitting simulation models with experimental data
  • minimize manual effort by exploiting the synergy between modeFRONTIER and LabVIEW
  • implement a rational decision process between trade-off solutions
For further information come and visit ESTECO at booth number 6 at NIDays in Paris on 12th February 2013 or visit the website


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