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mF4LV recognized as a finalist for LabVIEW Tools Networks Awards

5 August 2013

ESTECO SpA will showcase mF4LV, the first application bringing the optimization capabilities of modeFRONTIER platform to LabVIEW projects during the NIWeek 2013, the world's leading graphical system design conference and exhibition hosted by National Instruments starting today

During the event, mF4LV has been announced by NI Alliance Partners as one of the five new key products in the Alliance program. The innovative integration solution developed by ESTECO has been nominated as a finalist for the LabVIEW Tools Network product award 2013, designated for developers whose products exhibit the highest level of excellence and National Instruments platform alignment.

​mF4LV is a light version of modeFRONTIER for LabVIEW users, helping engineers to quickly reach a desired response from the hardware or system under test. 


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