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modeFRONTIER "managing complexity" on ioARCH

26 March 2013

modeFRONTIER was featured on June's issue of ioARCH magazine. The publication is intended for Italian professionals working in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction fields and dealing with complex design and multidisciplinary processes.

CLICK HERE to visit ioARCH's website and read the full story on page 12 of the last issue (in italian). Here below you can find the English version.

Managing complexity

modeFRONTIER – the “made in Italy” software supporting the decision-making process

What is the best choice of design for the insulation of a building shell? What is the best size and location of screens maximizing the absorption of sun during winter and minimizing it during summer? How to obtain the correct balance between energy consumption and the use of natural light? How to reduce the environmental impact of a building by avoiding those solutions which indirectly contribute to the greenhouse effect (eg. production of certain building materials)? And more, what design choices can optimize the performance of a building and reduce building costs?

By assessing all problem-related quantitative data and identifying the best compromise modeFRONTIER helps designers and builders take the best possible decisions. Parametric design is an indispensable prerequisite since the software cannot produce rational evaluations of drawings only. A wider use of integrated design processes, able to encompass most building design aspects, such as the location, exposure, thickness, insulation, surfaces, choice of installations, etc., provide significant aid to optimization.

modeFRONTIER is an all-Italian software produced by ESTECO, a company founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the University of Trieste by engineers Carlo Poloni (president), Luka Onesti (CTO) and Enrico Nobile (scientific advisor), and it is partially owned by Stefano Odorizzi’s EnginSoft. The software has been successfully used within a number of research and design projects in the architectural and civil engineering fields.

For example, the team of engineers responsible for the new Brennero railway tunnel uses modeFRONTIER to identify uncertainties in the behaviour of rock masses at large depths through a non-linear process, exploiting the data thus obtained to take decisions on best excavation techniques and safety measures.



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