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  • VOLTA product update and roadmap @um17

    Platform performance and user experience are the main focus of the latest release of VOLTA.

    proceeding 2017
  • Prioritization of resources for a martian analogue

    CHALLENGE - HI-SEAS is a NASA-funded Martian analogue mission seeking to understand how to select and compose a team of astronauts for long duration space missions.  Six crew members lived in an isolated habitat on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii in a desolate, Mars-like environment.  For 8-months they lived as astronauts would on the surface of Mars. Similar to a space mission, resources at the HI-SEAS habitat are limited and dependent on weather, crew-use, and resupply schedules.

    proceeding 2017
  • Application to Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic (SFRP) Microstructure Optimization for NVH improvement

    The role of simulation is of critical importance to drive the powertrain design for Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) on a Component, Sub-System and System Level.

    proceeding 2017
  • The Future of Modeling, Simulation and Optimization at Cummins

    Cummins uses modeFRONTIER to facilitate “system-level” design optimization studies, quantifying the trade-offs across system-level performance to detailed component design.

    proceeding 2017
  • Optimization: I do not think you know what that word means

    While many techniques and tools are available to perform an optimization analysis, during the relative quick pace of automotive development the difficulty is having the time to use these tools to find an optimal solution considering the number of variables and types of analyses that need to be included in the process. 

    proceeding 2017
  • Multivariate Optimization and 1-D Simulation of a High Performance Single Cylinder Engine for The ESTECO Academy Design Competition

    Organized in partnership with Aprilia Racing and Gamma Technologies, the ESTECO Academy Design Competition 2016 was open to teams of undergraduate and graduate engineering students. The challenge was to improve the design of a 4 stroke single cylinder engine through multidisciplinary optimization (using modeFRONTIER) and 1-D simulation of the engine system with GT-Suite. 

    proceeding 2017
  • Model Based System Engineering: From Requirements to Performance Optimization using SysML and modeFRONTIER

    Appliances are expected to perform at higher levels due to increased regulatory requirements, greater connectivity, and greater competition in the marketplace. Quick delivery to market in a predictable time is needed to win with consumers before competitors do. Large global companies have to control parts proliferation to create global leverage. These are just a few of the reasons Whirlpool Corporation is taking a model-based System Engineering approach to managing the complexity of designing appliances by using the SysML modeling language.

    proceeding 2017
  • modeFRONTIER product update and roadmap @UM17

    This presentation explores modeFRONTIER's current and future developments. Faster optimization and improved usability are the leitmotifs of the latest upgrades of modeFRONTIER.

    proceeding 2017
  • Designing the laser heat treatment for the deep drawing of Al alloys by means of an optimization loop

    In this study, the effectiveness of heat treatment before the stamping process was numerically investigated for the deep drawing of an Al-Mg alloy, coupling a 2D FE model with the optimization platform modeFRONTIER. This work investigates the effectiveness of this new approach to optimize the localized heat treatment of the flange zone. The maximum Limit Drawing Ratio implementing the heat treated blank was predicted.

    proceeding 2016
  • modeFRONTIER Product Update @UM16

    This presentation explores modeFRONTIER's current and future developments. The goal is to consolidate specialized expertise and streamline teamwork to cut development time. modeFRONTIER, modeSPACE, and modePROCESS combine to enable efficient license and role management within teams, and grant modular access to funcIonaliIes.

    proceeding 2016

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