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  • GT-SUITE Node Integration with modeFRONTIER | Tutorial

    In this brochure, a example study of exhaust muffler back pressure and acoustic optimization is explained step by step. The objective is to minimize the back pressure at the highest speed (highest flow) while limiting the noise level to a maximum of 105 dB. 

    tutorial 2014
  • Coupling modeFRONTIER with Flowmaster

    modeFRONTIER direct integration with Flowmaster™ provides a consistent environment for simulating and optimizing fluid mechanics and pipe flow in simple-to-complex systems. Components and parameters of thermo fluid systems analyzed with Flowmaster™ are detected by the modeFRONTIER Parameter Chooser which automatically builds the workflow.

    tutorial 2013
  • modeFRONTIER v4.5 what's new | Sub-Process Node

    The Sub-Process Node introduces powerful new capabilities for automating the analysis of multifaceted engineering problems by autonomously executing process workflows. See it in action!

    tutorial 2013
  • modeFRONTIER v4.5 what's new | Scheduling Project Node

    The Scheduling Project Node is a new component of the workflow further improving automatic exploration and optimization of the search space. See it in action!

    tutorial 2013
  • Coupling modeFRONTIER with Sculptor | Tutorial

    The example shown here is a 90° elbow; the 6 control points in Sculptor allowed the geometry of the elbow to expand or contract, and the objective of the optimization was to minimize the pressure loss through the pipe.

    tutorial 2013

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