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  • Optimization of a Brazilian FPSO Fuel Consumption for Petroleum Composition with Maximum Oil and Gas Content Using Genetic Algorithm Method

    Considering the relevance of the FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) for Brazilian petroleum market, the main goal of this project is to provide an optimization procedure on Primary Petroleum Platform operating under maximum oil/gas composition of the crude oil configuration, based on coupling of thermodynamic modeling and optimization method. 

    paper 2017
  • Novel cost effective configurations of combined power plants for smalls scale cogeneration from biomass design of the particle heat exchanger

    A general design procedure have been developed for the application of the Immersed Particle Heat Exchanger to a novel, small scale, externally fired combined cycle capable of generating electrical and thermal power from carbon-neutral biomass. The Immersed Particle Heat Exchanger serves as the high temperature heat exchanger needed to couple the Brayton cycle with an external combustor of biom

    paper 2017
  • Novel, cost-effective configurations of combined power plants for small-scale cogeneration from biomass

    The employment of small combined cycles as a valid alternative to ORC systems for Combined Heat and Power from biomass is feasible in the near future and can guarantee competitive thermodynamic performances. Two design optimizations were performed according to two different configurations, employing the Immersed Particle heat exchanger and Nickel Alloy heat exchanger. Thermal efficiency and electrical efficiency were selected as the objectives to be maximized by the optimization algorithm in modeFRONTIER.

    paper 2015
  • Automated Deployment of System Models via Functional Mockup Interface with Excel and modeFRONTIER

    This presentation provides a brief overview of FMI with a focus on end-user value and demonstrates a method for automated deployment of system models in Modelica as simulators in Microsoft Excel using Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) and FMI Add-in for Excel. Using existing interfaces, integration with modeFRONTIER is demonstrated and exercised with several different example system models in different physical domains.

    proceeding 2015
  • Boosting Heat Exchanger Performance with modeFRONTIER

    modeFRONTIER streamlines the HE design process and pinpoints the best configuration in terms of performance, efficiency and sizing. Find the many applications of optimization technology in the case studies here or download the brochure.

    brochure 2014
  • Fluid Dynamic Design Optimization of an Innovative High Temperature Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger

    Polytechnic researchers aimed to design a high temperature gas-to-gas HE based on solid particles for medium and large-scale combined power plants fed by alternative and dirty fuels such as biomass and fuel. modeFRONTIER reached all the optimization goals and reduced the overall optimization time through the use of parallel computing.

    proceeding 2014
  • Heat Exchanger and Tank Optimization using modeFRONTIER

    Victor Niño, manage the Virtual Technology group committed to provide reliable information about design of Modine products, by using the set of CAE tools early in the design process to achieve highest reliability and quality while reducing at minimum the experimental test and prototype building steps.

    proceeding 2013
  • Parametric analysis of heat exchanger for thermoelectric heat pump

    The purpose of this work is the implementation of a standard and well proven procedure for the optimization of Heat Exchangers' performance for general thermoelectric applications. The interest in investigating such a methodology comes up as a consequence of a new production technology just developed for finned heat exchanger.

    proceeding 2004
  • Development of high efficiency heat exchanger for Air-conditioner using optimization technique

    In this paper, the new technique of the optimization, especially for heat and fluid problems which has a complicated design area of solution that consists of many design variables, is proposed. It is characterized by dividing design area applying data-mining to the sampled dataset, and advancing optimization for every design area. The proposed method is applied to the development of the heat exchanger fin, and the result verifying the validity is reported.

    proceeding 2004
  • Optimal design of the heater of a Stirling engine coupled with a fluidized bed combustor

    The idea of using heat generated by combustion as a source for a Stirling engine dates back to the early achievements of Stirling Engines (SE). The original idea is to place the hot head of the engine as much as possible in direct contact of the flame generated by combustion, identifying the flame with the region of highest temperature and therefore as that which favors thermal exchange between the hot combustion gases and the working fluid of the engine

    paper 2012

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