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  • Optimization of air distribution mode coupled interior design for civil aircraft cabin

    The airflow distribution and thermal comfort of human beings in civil aircraft cabin are influenced by many factors such as the ventilation mode, ventilation air volume, and supply air temperature and so on. Among these factors, the choice of ventilation mode in the civil aircraft cabin is also restricted by the interior and aesthetic designs.

    paper 2018
  • Design and simulation of additive manufactured structures of three component composite material

    Lattice structures have become widespread in many areas. Their obvious advantage is the light weight and significant cost savings of a material. Application of unidirectional composite materials allows preserve the exceptional strength properties of composites in construction regardless of the loading direction. For this reason, the lattice composite structures are actively used in the aerospace industry. The goal of this work is the study of the property change of lattice structures of three component composite materials depending on their parameters, as well as the determination of optimal configurations of these structures.​ 

    paper 2017
  • Multi-objective Optimization of A-Class Catamaran Foils Adopting a Geometric Parameterization Based on RBF Mesh Morphing

    The design of sailing boats appendages requires taking in consideration a large amount of design variables and diverse sailing conditions. The operative conditions of dagger boards depend on the equilibrium of the forces and moments acting on the system. This equilibrium has to be considered when designing modern fast foiling catamarans, where the appendages accomplish both the tasks of lifting up the boat and to make possible the upwind sailing by balancing the sail side force. In this scenario, the foil performing in all conditions has to be defined as a trade-off among contrasting needs.

    paper 2017
  • Performance of different optimization concepts for reactive flow systems based on combined CFD and response surface methods

    Optimization of reactive flow systems, e.g. coal and biomass combustion, gasification or partial oxidation, is usually a multi-parameter problem, while geometry configurations (e.g. reactor dimensions, burner dimensions) and operating conditions (e.g. fuel mass flow, reactor temperature, cooling capability) mainly determine the process efficiency and profitability. 

    paper 2017
  • Optimization of a conveyor transfer chute including particle flows

    A common problem in the transfer chute is the unbalanced mass flow at the outlet conveyor. The objective consists in reducing the difference in curve averages of total mass in left and right part of the conveyor. Coupling Rocky DEM with modeFRONTIER enabled engineers to select the optimum design that reduced this difference to 0.2%.​

    presentation 2017

    A novel approach of deriving the constants for lead free solder creep constitutive equation and fatigue model has been proposed in this paper. In this approach, the constitutive parameters and fatigue model constants were determined retrospectively based on the test results of selected lead-free BGA packages, multi-objective optimization, and finite element modeling. ANSYS and modeFRONTIER are coupled in this methodology.

    paper 2012
  • ESTECO webinar recording | A CAD-Mesh mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities

    In this joint webinar, ESTECO and RBF Morph present an innovative CAD-Mesh mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities. Riccardo Cenni from SACMI describes how engineers at SACMI Ceramic Engineering Department leveraged modeFRONTIER, RBF Morph and ANSYS Workbench to develop an hybrid methodology combining CAD and mesh based approach overtaking the limits of the shape optimization based on the single disciplines. 

    webinar 2017
  • Modelling and Multi-objective Optimisation of the VHP Pouch Packaging Sterilisation Process

    This paper aims to optimize the pouch packaging sterilization process used in aseptic technology. The study is made of two parts: first the modeling and fluid dynamics simulation of the sterilization process on the pouch with a subsequent experimental validation, and then the multiobjective process optimization, with the aim of finding
    the most suitable system configuration using modeFRONTIER.

    paper 2015
  • Optimization of a single stage double suction centrifugal pump

    In this study, the optimization of a double-suction centrifugal pump is developed and run with the objective being the maximization of its hydraulic efficiency. The optimization of the pump is performed by means of the modeFRONTIER optimization platform using MOGA II and ANSYS CFX software was used for CFD simulations.

    paper 2016
  • Fluid dynamics Optimization of racing engine inlet ducts at Aprilia Racing

    A two-step optimization procedure of intake valves and intake ports of the Aprilia RS-GP motorbike is presented in this work. Parametric geometry design, automatic mesh generation and three-dimensional CFD analysis are coupled with different optimization techniques – using the platform modeFRONTIER. The objective is the improvement of fluid dynamic efficiency of valve and port while simultaneously guaranteeing their feasibility. 

    paper 2016

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