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  • Handling the Complexity of Mechatronic System Design

    Two design projects highlight how ABB Group leverages optimization-based development to handle the complexity that automation and control systems entail and to maximize mechatronic product performance, meet reliability demands and ease overall environmental impact.

    white paper & focus 2015
  • Multi Objective Optimization of Medium Voltage Reclosers

    Medium voltage reclosers are protection devices for medium voltage grid operators which are often integrated into overhead line towers. Finding the right configuration for the components piloting the process is not only crucial in terms of recloser lifetime but also enables excellent switching properties, ultimately improving energy performance. 

    proceeding 2014
  • Numerical Optimization of Analytical Measurement Techniques to Contribute to Improvement of Product Engineering Techniques

    Ensuring high product reliability by preventing human error when performing physical and chemical analysis of hardware is key to Fujitsu analytical group. Nanometer level measurement or tools like the low-dose alpha rays detectors are indispensable for demonstrating the high reliability of the company’s products. However, the setup and calibration phases can be very tedious and challenging.

    proceeding 2014
  • Optimization of a Wildfire Emergency System

    This case study analyzes the benefits of integrating modeFRONTIER and exploiting its automation and optimization tools for developing complex systems design and deployment.The System Engineering discipline relies on a series of organized steps and procedures which shape the whole System Engineering Process. The macro-steps composing this process are the "Definition and decomposition" of the problem, the "Implementation" of the software/hardware system and the "Integration and recomposition" - i.e. testing and validation - phase.

    presentation 2012
  • Optimizing ECUs at Alma Automotive with modeFRONTIER for LabVIEW

    By applying modeFRONTIER for LabVIEW to the automatic calibration of ECUs, Alma Automotive in close collaboration with ESTECO addressed the challenge of reducing car manufacturing costs and development times.

    success story 2013
  • Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

    The presentation focuses on an Application Example of Multi Objective Tolerance Design using R-MORDO of modeFRONTIER

    proceeding 2010
  • Optimization of the robot arm movement using NI Compact RIO and LabView robotics

    This proceeding, presented at the modeFRONTIER User's Meeting 2012, focuses on the methodology to optimize parameters for real time control system in the field of kinematic analysis. Furthermore LabView was used to configure the Real-Machine-Target optimization.

    proceeding 2012
  • The Development and Optimization of a Real-world Control System using NI LabVIEW

    The work focuses on the Rapid Model Development for complex systems that can be possible through a measurement based approach to model creation, in addition optimization methods can powerful tools for better model creation of non-repetitive systems.Optimization technologies allow for reduced test steps resulting in reduced time, and auto system calibration for system level testing.

    proceeding 2010
  • INFOSHEET | LabVIEW Direct Integration Node

    LabVIEW users can take advantage of the benefits offered by modeFRONTIER, the process integration and multiobjective optimization software. 


    brochure 2012
  • Automatic calibration of internal combustion engine parameters 3-axis

    The main purpose of the collaboration between Alma Automotive and ESTECO is the implementation of a demonstrator able to highlight the added-value given by coupling National Instruments devices with modeFRONTIER framework, while exploiting specific applications developed by Alma Automotive for the engine set-up.

    paper 2011

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