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  • Parameterization and Multi-objective Optimization

    This thesis aims to optimize a control arm of a car with multiobjective optimization methods based on NX and modeFRONTIER. The study attempts to identify the best algorithms for the design considering given requirements. The overall goal is to reduce weight while maintaining the same stiffness.This research is done as a contribution to the SupLight EC research project.

    paper 2013
  • Flexibility analysis and determination of elastic deformations for robot manipulator

    This paper presents the flexibility and kineto-elasto dynamic analysis of a robot manipulator. The aim is to produce a trajectory that will improve the motion time and the trajectory tracking of a standard industrial machine whether it is applied to the machine through a simplified controller or a more complex controller. MATLAB and modeFRONTIER are coupled in this methodology.

    paper 2017
  • Optimization of a small and lightweight antenna for handheld RFID reader

    This presentation demonstrates the successful coupling of the two softwares modeFRONTIER and CST for the enabling of multidisciplinary optimization of a waveguide and the antenna of a RFID portable reader. Overall, in the first case, modeFRONTIER helped meet the design targets, whereas in the second case it identified the best compromise between the most important requirements. 

    proceeding 2016
  • Lightweight Multidisciplinary Optimization for Vehicle Part Design

    This presentation from the Ford Motor Company demonstrates the advantages of multidisciplinary optimization with the aim of achieving lightweight design. The integration of softwares modeFRONTIER and CATIA makes for quick and easy optimization with the optimal result of robust, lightweight designs. This study demonstrates an optimization process of a motor vehicle chassis part.

    proceeding 2016
  • Use of post-consumer scrap in aluminium wrought alloy structural components for the transportation sector

    This paper discusses the aspects of possible use of postconsumer scrap in high-end products based on aluminium wrought alloys. The paper describes results from the EU FP7 Project “SuPLight”. The project addressed new industrial models for sustainable lightweight solutions, reverse logistics, Life Cycle Analysis and application of advanced optimization algorithms with modeFRONTIER and simulations for product and alloy design.

    paper 2015
  • Evaluation of Railway Vehicle Car Body Fatigue Life and Durability using Multi-disciplinary Analysis Method

    An integrated fatigue life and durability evaluation method based on multibody dynamics simulation (MBS) and finite element analysis for a locomotive car body is presented. A multi-disciplinary optimization algorithm is developed to handle the conflicting requirements of lightweight and good fatigue resistant car body structure designs. 

    paper 2009
  • The role of prestress and its optimization in cable domes design

    Cable domes are used as lightweight, versatile forms of roofing in architecture. The role of prestress and its optimization are explored in order to increase the stability and design efficiency of cable domes. A structural optimization process is proposed using the genetic algorithm implemented in modeFRONTIER.

    paper 2015
  • Designing Lighter Products with modeFRONTIER

    Lighter products play a crucial role in reducing the impact of industry on the environment by cutting down the use of raw materials in the production phase and reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Read case studies from leading companies and research institutions who rely on the modeFRONTIER design optimization platform to develop lighter products or download the brochure.

    brochure 2014
  • Optimal Design of an Unmanned High-Altitude Solar-Powered Airplane

    In recent years the development of High Altitude/Long Endurance (HALE) solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been gaining importance. Such aircrafts could serve as “pseudo satellites”, with the advantages of being closer to the ground, more flexible and less expensive when compared to common satellites. 

    success story 2013
  • Calibrating material parameters to model the thin-walled components made of die cast AM60B magnesium alloy

    As a novel lightweight metal, die cast AM60B magnesium alloy continues to be considered as a potential replacement for steel in certain automotive components. However, proper numerical model representing this alloy has not yet been fully explored. Thus, an optimisation methodology was developed to calibrate the material parameters needed for four available material laws, namely, MAT 99, MAT 81, MAT 24 and MAT 107 in LS-DYNA explicit FEA package (LSTC, Livermore, CA). 

    paper 2012

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