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  • Aerodynamic optimization of a sail-plan of a boat

    This thesis presents the results of an optimization study of the geometry and layout of the sail-plan (genoa and mainsail) of a 12 meter prototype boat called Mefistofele. The goal is to maximize the ratio between boat speed and sail-plan surface, considering different upwind sailing conditions.

    paper 2011
  • Optimization of a Turbo Charger Compressor at BorgWarner using AxCent and modeFRONTIER

    This work presents a numerically optimized design approach to turbo charger radial compressor development for commercial diesel applications. The design optimization includes both aerodynamic and structural components, combined via a “loosely coupled” iterative procedure. The primary goal of the design is to maximize total to static efficiency at various operating conditions, while also preserving or expanding the overall operating range of the compressor, and doing so with a structurally sound geometry.

    proceeding 2015
  • Optimization of the Design of a Modified External Gear Pump

    The following presentation focuses on the optimization of the Design of a Modified External Gear Pump

    proceeding 2008
  • Multi-objective optimization applied to the mass reduction of a plastic part

    The case study presents a multidisciplinary optimization related to the thermoplastic industry. At the PEP technical center for innovation on thermoplastic injection modeFRONTIER to obtain the optimal combination of materials and dimensions. The innovative power of the optimization methodology lies in the possibility to identify solutions which have not even been considered at the first steps of the design process.

    paper 2011
  • Coupled modeFRONTIER - FIRE Approach for ICEngine Intake Port Optimization

    Internal Combustion Engine (IC-Engine) efficiency and emission characteristics are at great extent, governed by the details of the intake port-combustion chamber arrangement. In this context, the discharge coefficient and swirl/tumble numbers, are commonly used to characterize the intake port with respect to the volumetric efficiency and, at least partly, to the combustion of both diesel and gasoline engines.

    paper 2005

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