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    the presentation focuses on the multi-objective optimization in high voltage circuit breaker development

    proceeding 2008
  • Application of multidisciplinary optimization to rotor design of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

    In this study, multidisciplinary optimization of IPMSM rotor shape applied for railway traction system was conducted by modeFRONTIER. By automating the optimization process, design engineers can be assigned to more creative project.

    proceeding 2008
  • The Inverse analysis and System identification using modeFRONTIER

    The following presentation focuses on the Inverse analysis and System identification using modeFRONTIER



    proceeding 2008
  • Multi-Objective Optimization of BGA Packages

    In this presentation we will describe an optimization procedure that can be conveniently and efficiently employed for determining: The design parameters that are critical for BGA packages; their relative importance and the actual BGA the actual BGA optimal design optimal design

    proceeding 2008
  • Multi-objective optimization for antenna design

    Once the integration of the model in the optimization environment is done, all the optimization capabilities can be applied to improve the performance of the antenna. The optimization is a full batch process (no human intervention during the run phase), but can be constantly monitored from a “run-log” graphic console. Today multi-core PCs and clusters are able to carry out multi-objectives optimization of a complex model by a reasonable computational time.

    proceeding 2008
  • Design optimization of a composite car body

    The presentation focuses on the design optimization of a composite car body

    proceeding 2008
  • Advanced Design of Multibody Systems

    The following, developed by VI Grade, presentation focuses on the advanced design of multibody systems.

    proceeding 2008
  • Zefiro High Speed Train – Shape Optimisation in Aerodynamics

    The focus of this presentation is the Zefiro High Speed Train and its shape optimization in aerodynamics.

    proceeding 2008
  • Prediction of Parameters of Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Model using modeFRONTIER

    Vehicle Dynamics Simulation is widely applied to many stages of vehicle development, accuracy of the simulation is strictly required. Since accurate vehicle dynamics simulation requires correct vehicle parameter value, but they are hardly be obtained in many cases, during the stages of the vehicle development system suppliers are usually in such circumstances due to measurement facilities / confidentiality. However, running vehicle behavior can be measured and logged as chronological data. Since “Data to be compared” are not simple index but chronological curve, decision criteria (good or bad etc.) they tend to be subjective, thus hard to be consistent. The procedure to predict reasonable value of each parameter could be defined only by well experienced engineer in Vehicle Dynamics Simulation field, skillful engineer has to repeat “Trial and Error”,this work to be done isn’t creative, thus it is really wasting time and money.

    proceeding 2008
  • Optimization in a Car Design - CFD and Multibody applications

    The developed project has demonstrated the applicability of optimization procedures in the context of automotive industry by using CFD for the aerodynamics solver. The integration of the aerodynamic optimization in the design phase allows engineers to interact with the other design groups without excessive delays. In this way, it becomes possible to search for solutions that do not negatively affect car style or performance, while providing a high degree of efficiency and safety. The reduction of industrial costs is significant: in principle it is no longer needed to build many different models, to be subject to wind tunnel measurements: it is sufficient to test the final optimized ones

    proceeding 2008

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