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  • Identification of mechanical properties based on Nanoindentation experiment

    This nanoindentation test is done as an experiment for the purpose of more efficient material design. The identification of the mechanical properties of sample materials is conducted with physical experimentation, which is then followed by simulation and optimization in modeFRONTIER. The project was done in SPACE-SI, a space research laboratory in Slovenia.

    proceeding 2016
  • Multi-objective optimization of a V6 3.0L diesel engine for automotive applications, using GT-SUITE and modeFRONTIER

    In this project, GT-SUITE and modeFRONTIER are coupled to investigate several engine design parameters on engine performance using a  V6 3.0L diesel engine as an example​. With eight engine configurations, time to torque is one of the objectives selected for this optimization process.

    proceeding 2016
  • A CAD-MESH mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities

    A methodology to overtake the limits in CAD and MESH based shape optimization has been developed and applied on an industrial component. modeFRONTIER is used to manage the optimization loop. The proposed methodology allows to integrate the flexibility of MESH morphing techniques with the advantages of parametric CAD​.

    proceeding 2016
  • Study to Develop Optimum Shape for Compressor Entrance Guide Vane

    An inlet guide vane is designed for an Ecotorq EU6 engine in this study at Ford Otosan, Turkey. The optimization of this component is performed with a workflow built by modeFRONTIER software with focus on two main output parameters for the study, swirl ratio and pressure drop. The workflow incorporates CATIA, StarCCM+ and combines two operating systems (Windows and Linux).

    proceeding 2016
  • Research and Development Ensuring Innovation - BeePMN

    ESTECO has always invested in research and development in order to build good products. This presentation focuses on the BeePMN project, a web-based platform for editing BPMN processes, which emerged from the R&D team at ESTECO. BeePMN is where experts and non-experts alike can broaden their knowledge of modeling and strive for excellence.

    proceeding 2016
  • Acoustic characterization and modeling of an automotive floor carpet by combining modeFRONTIER and MSC Actran

    Trim material is studied for the optimization of vehicle acoustics in order to increase quality in the automotive industry. Here the combination of modeFRONTIER and Actran result in an excellent numerical representation of complex porous material.

    proceeding 2016
  • Lightweight Multidisciplinary Optimization for Vehicle Part Design

    This presentation from the Ford Motor Company demonstrates the advantages of multidisciplinary optimization with the aim of achieving lightweight design. The integration of softwares modeFRONTIER and CATIA makes for quick and easy optimization with the optimal result of robust, lightweight designs. This study demonstrates an optimization process of a motor vehicle chassis part.

    proceeding 2016
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Vehicle Weight Reduction

    In this study from ESTECO North America, a six-step MDO process is illustrated by solving a 2001 Taurus weight reduction problem with two formulations AAO and CO. The chosen optimization platform is modeFRONTIER plus SOMO. Conclusions show the advantages to using AAO methodology in MDO.

    proceeding 2016
  • Take-off optimization

    The SASA Sapienza Flight Team that participates Design/Build/Fly (DBF) competition presents an aircraft configuration case using modeFRONTIER, with various aerodynamic tools in order to find the optimal aircraft design. The configuration focuses on minimization of shaft power and wing area.

    proceeding 2016

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