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  • Is MDO the enabler to the Technology that is driving the Change

    A new approach in multidisciplinary optimization is developed at Jaguar Land Rover, one that drives collaboration among all team members. In an example, a vehicle bonnet is designed using new MDO methods. Genetic algorithms in modeFRONTIER are used to find an optimal solution.

    proceeding 2016
  • From Validation to Front-End Innovation an update on the global simulation market

    Simulation and analysis is one of the fastest growing segments in CIMdata’s annual PLM study. A move towards smart, connected products requires a structured development process and multi-disciplinary design optimization across many disciplines. ESTECO and Phoenix integration is one of the best of breed systems utilized.

    proceeding 2016
  • Energy Consumption Minimization in Railway Planning with modeFRONTIER

    The goal of this work is the reduction of energy consumption in train running times. An optimization problem is defined in order to calculate running times with this objective in mind. The methodology uses OpenTrack and modeFRONTIER to reach an optimal solution.

    proceeding 2016
  • Case study of circuit element position optimization

    When temperature increases in a circuit element, it is not easy to find an optimal solution in limited time to lower temperature. In this case study, a solution is inferred from a combination optimization algorithm using modeFRONTIER as well as data analysis.

    proceeding 2016
  • 3D shape synthesis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine blades for specified wind distribution and tip speed ratio

    The increasing demand for renewable energy resources have resulted in a preference for the vertical axis wind turbine, or VAWT. The aim of this paper is to develop a workflow that can develop an optimal blade shape in the VAWT. The methodology was based on the input wind speed distribution and TSR limits.

    proceeding 2016
  • Method development for early architectural optimization of a wheel suspension system

    A two-phase optimization approach is developed for the optimization of a rear wheel suspension system with the goal of reducing NVH, and improving ride and handling. The softwares modeFRONTIER and MotionSolve are coupled to find the optimal results in order to meet requirements for lowest cost and weight.

    proceeding 2016
  • Multi-concept & multi-goal propeller-based propulsion system optimization

    A multi-concept based propeller design problem is posed in this multi-objective optimization study. The best propeller and propulsion system for prescribed flight conditions is searched for with focus on two design objectives. The use of modeFRONTIER brings accurate results in terms of a large number of concepts. The multi-concept method allows a simultaneous search for separate Pareto front for each concept, and obtaining multiple leading Pareto fronts.

    proceeding 2016
  • Multi-Disciplinary Design and Optimization of Air to Surface Missiles

    This study aims to find an optimal design of a turbojet powered tactile missile using a genetic algorithm MOGA II in modeFRONTIER. Focus is on the external configuration design of the missile based on maximizing flight range while minimizing the radar signature which is a crucial performance parameter. Weights for flight range and Radar Cross Section are varied to obtain Pareto optimal solutions.

    proceeding 2016
  • Multi-objective robust optimization of the closing functionality of a trunk lid

    A demonstration of the optimization of a car trunk lid closing functionality is presented in this work from the Body and Closures Department at Volvo Cars. The lid should be easy to close yet not damage the car even if it is slammed shut by full force.The approach uses a workflow designed in modeFRONTIER to shorten development time and find the solution these contradicting demands. 

    proceeding 2016
  • Tolerance Management 3.0- Optimizing the Physics

    EnginSoft, in collaboration with TTC3 Gmbh implements Tolerance management 3.0 in its engineering methodology. A multidisciplinary approach using modeFRONTIER is necessary to reach optimal results when complexity and conflicting targets are present. This will drive quality in the product line long-term.

    proceeding 2016

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