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  • The MDO experience at EMBRAER with modeFRONTIER

    Multi-disciplinary optimization has a major role in the aerospace industry due to great competition, high costs and conflicting objectives. Owing to modeFRONTIER, Embraer managed to create an integrated high-fidelity analysis environment, bringing about significant benefits in product application.

    proceeding 2010
  • From wing sizing to business plans the tremendous potential of an optimization tool

    The Engineering division of Israel Aerospace Industries covers all disciplines from the concept to final design, with the common goal to find a balanced solution to all airplane design requirements. After having evaluated several software solutions, modeFRONTIER has been chosen as the best multidisciplinary optimization tool.

    proceeding 2010
  • Applications of modeFRONTIER on Aeronautical Problems an overview of experiences at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

    modeFRONTIER has been successfully used at DLR since 2004 for solving a wide range of aeronautical problems: from drag reduction of wing in cruise configuration and aerodynamic improvement of aircraft in take-off, to the design of environmentally compliant small size supersonic aircrafts and optimal noise abatement flight procedures.

    proceeding 2010
  • Current state of aerodynamic optimization at EADS-MAS

    EADS-MAS presents a case of adjoint optimization of a completed unmanned aerial vehicle (with the exception of the engine) with an unstructured hybrid mesh, as a promising alternative to classic methods.

    proceeding 2010
  • History and Applications of modeFRONTIER at Ford Motor Company

    In Ford modeFRONTIER is used in different disciplines: safety analysis, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), aerodynamics and fuel cells. An example is presented for each of those disciplines, as well as the main advantages of the optimization platform.

    proceeding 2010
  • Optimal coverages for genome assembly with combined new generation sequencing data

    De novo assembly projects often use mixed sequencing technologies, with the combined objective of maximizing the assembly quality and minimizing the sequencing cost. With its optimization and post-processing capabilities, modeFRONTIER can rationalize the DNA assembly process and obtain high-quality results.

    proceeding 2010

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