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  • Recent Progress in HCCI Combustion for a Practical Usage as a Gasoline Engine

    Gasoline engines are widely used for passenger cars as they feature low cost and clean exhaust gas with three way catalyst. As the number of cars is extremely increasing in the world, thermal efficiency in gasoline engines must be improved urgently with less expensive cost-up.

    proceeding 2012
  • Wing Optimization of regional aircrafts of Alenia Aermacchi by means of ModeFrontier

    The scope of this work is the optimization of two different wings for the Green Regional Aircraft (GRA), with the aim to support preliminary design office during the definition of the most promising configuration. The main objectives of this work are: lowering fuel consumption and lowering the wing weight.

    proceeding 2012
  • Automated Calibration of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

    Due to the future worldwide emission regulations, the design of new engines is a growing challenge for all car manufacturers. Due to the complexity of modern power-trains, especially the basic development is strongly attended by means of simulation. In this study the software application modeFRONTIER was used to develop a "over all student chart".

    proceeding 2012
  • Enhancing Multi-Disciplinary Optimization by Initial Systematic Screening

    This paper presents one way of dealing with the optimization of complex systems by making use of the great experience that is held by systems engineers, allowing designers​ to systematically split up the problem into a number of sequential phases of screening. Owing to this new method, used with success at Volvo Cars, optimum solutions can be identified faster, shortening the development time from months to weeks.

    proceeding 2012
  • modeFrontier Application to Innovative Wind Generators

    The University of Trieste has analyzed the and enhanced the design of a slotless micro-wind generator successively produced and tested by Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali. Such microwind generation systems convey several advantages allowing for a simple installation with a little aesthetical impact, are very silent and can exploit wind energy at almost any speed.

    proceeding 2012
  • Automatic evolution of enzymes for biocatalysis design

    A computational infrastructure is used for integrating all the software employed for the different steps of the mutant design, modeling and scoring, within an optimization environment able to learn, generation after generation, the correlation between mutations and their efficiency, thus accelerating the evolution of the system.

    proceeding 2012

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