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  • Dynamics Optimization of Controlled Mechatronic Systems - Comparison Between Time and Frequency Domain

    The experimental plant at the University of Strasbourg is used to analyze and improve mechatronic systems. In this case, a roll-to-roll system must be designed in order to satisfy the following conditions: must wind/unwind web material at high speed, ensure that the speeds and tension are monitored and must be robust regarding parameter variations. 

    proceeding 2014
  • Fluid Dynamic Design Optimization of an Innovative High Temperature Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger

    Polytechnic researchers aimed to design a high temperature gas-to-gas HE based on solid particles for medium and large-scale combined power plants fed by alternative and dirty fuels such as biomass and fuel. modeFRONTIER reached all the optimization goals and reduced the overall optimization time through the use of parallel computing.

    proceeding 2014
  • modeFRONTIER Application in Biotechnology - Unbiased Guidelines for Driving Rational Enzyme Evolution

    Researchers must improve the efficiency of the biocatalyst to make them available for industrial use. A scoring function integrating an empirical approach was used to maximize the predictive capability and control the engineered enzyme performance. modeFRONTIER’s selection of genetic algorithms empowered researchers to mimic natural evolution, thus providing valuable insight when grading the engineered enzyme quality.

    proceeding 2014
  • Optimisation procedures as an Engineering tool - examples

    In this presentation, professor Giovanni Lombardi from the Polytechnic University of Milan illustrates the benefits of aerodynamic optimization applied in different sectors (automotive, energy, marine, etc.) based on several case studies.

    proceeding 2014
  • The Birmingham Canal Navigation Challenge

    Win the Birmingham Canal Navigation Challenge, in which boats have 24 hours of continuous cruising to accrue points awarded on the basis of locks used, miles traveled and remoteness of the canal and locations visited.

    proceeding 2014
  • Optimization of External Shading Devices for Energy Efficient Buildings

    In an ever increasing demand for energy efficiency, with regulations pushing towards “nearly zero energy” for all new buildings by 2020, engineers and architects must work to provide sustainable solutions. Windows are among the most problematic building components, in particular due to excessive summer sun loads and glare.

    proceeding 2014
  • Enhancing the efficiency of a Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW) system with modeFRONTIER

    Energy consumption for building cooling and heating can add up to 30% of total energy used. With energy standards on the rise, such as the EU’s requirement for renewable energy sources, new technologies have to rise to the challenge. Solar systems and an energy storage system within water tanks could be the answer.

    proceeding 2014
  • Upfront CAE Driven Design “The Future of Simulation”

    Competition and customer demand are constantly pushing automotive manufacturers to launch new models at shorter intervals while satisfying the ever increasing demands in performance, environmental impact and costs. In order to remain competitive, an automotive OEM must cope by applying continuous pressure to reduce cost and improve design while reducing deployment time.

    proceeding 2014
  • Heat Exchanger and Tank Optimization using modeFRONTIER

    Victor Niño, manage the Virtual Technology group committed to provide reliable information about design of Modine products, by using the set of CAE tools early in the design process to achieve highest reliability and quality while reducing at minimum the experimental test and prototype building steps.

    proceeding 2013
  • Predictions - Their relationship to optimization

    "Why are we so bad predicting?" Starting from the most striking prediction failures, Ciro Soto wonders about the role of real phenomenon predictions in the engineering analysis and how RSM methods can help reducing the related errors.

    proceeding 2013

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