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Analytics and Visualization

To maximize product performance, a full and rapid understanding of the design space is essential to extract the most relevant information from a database of experiments.

modeFRONTIER provides a complete and comprehensive environment for data analysis and visualization, enabling statistical assessment of complex datasets. Its sophisticated post-processing tools, such as Sensitivity Analysis, Multi-Variate Analysis, and Visual Analysis, allow results from multiple simulations to be visualized in a meaningful manner and key factors to be identified.



The design space environment is now also available as a standalone application - modeSPACE - that enables efficient license and role management within teams. This module includes the sophisticated set of modeFRONTIER tools for data analysis and investigation of problem characteristics both in the post-processing and in the pre-optimization phase.


modeFRONTIER sophisticated analytic tools open to:
  • Reduce time and use of IT resources by eliminating redundant variables in the design space exploration
  • Simplify and reduce linear and non-linear multi-dimensional data to more easy to read charts 
  • Investigate the robustness of the model predictions with Sensitivity Analysis 

  • Explore what-if analysis by assessing the impact of varying input assumptions and scenarios

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