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ANSYS | Workbench Integration Node

ANSYS Workbench Integration Node is used to couple the ANSYS platform to modeFRONTIER. The feature automates the simulation software execution and the data acquisition from all the solvers included in Workbench Platform. The direct node interface allows to read and choose the input/output parameters directly from the Workbench file format (.wbpj) and consequently to perform an MDO analysis on all models built in the Workbench environment. Additionally, the ANSYS DesignModeler tool bridges with several third-party CAD software enabling the optimization process to be exploited over technologies such as geometry handling, meshing and post-processing.

With the new and improved integration with ANSYS, users will be able to remove technical and license bottlenecks and fully exploit the scalable parallel processing capabilities of the ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack when performing trade studies and multidisciplinary optimization piloted by the ESTECO platform.

Computer simulations have become key to R&D activities of big industrial players able to open up new innovation perspectives that for physical-technical or financial reasons have been unattainable in the past.


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