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ESTECO webinar recording | Exploiting Design of Experiments (DOE) techniques for multibody and structural vehicle analysis with modeFRONTIER, Adams and MSC Nastran

Alberto Clarich, Farnaz Jadbabaie

ESTECO and MSC Software hosted a joint webinar on August 29th, 2017, presenting the successful integration of their technologies to explore and improve design solutions for multibody and structural vehicle analysis.

On August 29th, 2017 ESTECO hosted expert engineers from MSC Software who demonstrated the advantages of the integration of their software in modeFRONTIER workflow to identify better solutions using Design of Experiment for multibody and structural vehicle analysis. 

Dynamic behavior of a car in terms of handling, steering and ride is influenced by many vehicle body parameters, which also affects the structural behavior of the system.

ADAMS and MSC NASTRAN software can be coupled together with modeFRONTIER multi-disciplinary optimization environment in order to efficiently explore the combination of the design parameters and improve the system design. 



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