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Exa PowerFLOW| Integration Nodes

The PowerFLOW Suite Node integrates modeFRONTIER with Exa Corporation's PowerDELTA, PowerCASE, PowerFLOW and PowerINSIGHT software packages for streamlining the simulation preparation process and grid generation, performing computational simulation of fluid flow problems, and post-processing simulation data. The integration node automates data acquisition from PowerDELTA and PowerCASE, simulation execution in PowerFLOW and output extraction from PowerINSIGHT.

The modeFRONTIER workflow is built automatically based on its introspection process that detects the input parameters set in PowerDELTA and PowerCASE, and the output parameters set in PowerINSIGHT. Simulations using individual software included in the PowerFLOW Suite can be enabled and disabled to achieve an intelligent workload balancing.



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