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InfoWorks CS | modeFRONTIER interface

The costly and labor intensive process of accurately calibrating slow runoff parameters is well recognized in the water industry. It can often take engineers as long as a week or more to calibrate just one flow monitor. EnginSoft has built an interface that bridges InfoWorks CS (Innovyze) and modeFRONTIER. This layer links modeFRONTIER with InfoWorks CS allowing engineers to automate the calibration and optimization process, leaving modelers more time to focus on other aspects of the job such as the end verification process.

The modeFRONTIER interface  automatically adjusts the InfoWorks CS model until the ‘best’ match of the model is validated. It has the improved ability to include any parameter set by the modeler. Through the interface engineers can select parameters of their model for automatic adjustment within the run sequence. Users can even set up the run sequence to work outside of normal work hours or even over the weekend. The capability of smart optioneering” automates the exploration of the design space, identifying any themes and a series of improved solutions with consideration of the constraints and objectives of the project in order to find the optimum solution.
Simulations carried out by the modeFRONTIER Interface significantly reduce the time to manually calibrate flow monitors, leading to potential savings in the direction of 10%.

“Working with Severn Trent’s Asset Creation (Sewerage), Atkins has trialed the use of modeFRONTIER optimization software to test development of optimal solutions to flooding problems in a catchment in Derbyshire. modeFRONTIER is ideal for balancing multiple objectives in a design environment. The key benefits were that it could consider a wider range of potential solutions than would normally be tested under a traditional approach to solution development. By trying out a wide range of solutions, it challenged the initial perceived solution to the set objectives and gave confidence in the overall outcome.”

Alan Wisdish
Principal Engineer


Watch the modFRONTIER | Infoworks interface in action!

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