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Integration & Process Automation

​​The modeFRONTIER workflow environment guarantees formalization and management of all the logical steps composing an engineering process. Its powerful integration capabilities allow product engineers and designers to integrate and drive multiple Computed Aided Engineering (CAE) tools.


MSC Nastran Integration node

The integration node capabilities have been expanded to streamline multidisciplinary structural optimization. The new node include the full integration capabilities with NASTRAN to speed up the coupling process and exploit the automation power of modeFRONTIER >


RSM Trainer and other new Processing Nodes

With the new RSM Trainer node you can now perform an iterative training of multiple response surfaces during the project execution. Read more about this and other new Processing Nodes >


Export RSM to FMU

modeFRONTIER now includes the support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), a tool- independent standard that uses a combination of xml-files and compiled C-code. This ensure higher flexibility in taking advantage of the efficient surrogate models created with modeFRONTIER and executed with the most suitable tool.​

The optimization technology within modeFRONTIER can be applied to everyday engineering practices, performing both repetitive and concurrent simulations, by providing a seamless integration with third party solvers. Inputs and outputs are automatically defined from a CAE parametric model, with consideration of all dependencies. The most significant parameters (Introspection) are then leveraged and integrated into the optimization strategy as the simulation process unfolds into modeFRONTIER workflow.

This powerful workflow transfers data automatically from one simulation to the next, updating all parameter values according to the optimization algorithms, thus extracting relevant outputs. Key to this phase is the ability of the platform to automate the process together with the wide variety of integration nodes built to cater to CAE, Computer-Aided Design (CAD),  Finite Elements Methods (FEM) and generic application software.


modeFRONTIER integration and process automation capabilities lead to:
  • Time savings by automatically running multiple repetitive simulations
  • Simulation cost reductions by executing concurrent evaluations
  • Utilizing IT resources more efficiently by taking advantage of remote computation distribution
  • Increasing process efficiency with a wide range of direct nodes
  • Decreasing project setup time with one single interface for multiple solvers

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