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mF4LV | modeFRONTIER for LabVIEW

LabVIEW users can now improve product performance and reduce testing time by taking advantage of the newly released mF4LV, and its Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) optimization capabilities. This innovative integration solution developed by ESTECO is a “light” add-on version of modeFRONTIER to couple with LabVIEW, helping engineers and scientists quickly reach a sought-after response from the hardware or system under test.


mF4LV for HIL Optimization

Hardware-In-the-Loop optimization process exploits the modeFRONTIER advanced algorithms, within mF4LV. This software package automatically modifies the values assigned to control parameters achieving the optimal hardware behavior. mF4LV delivers better results by perfecting the tuning of monitoring parameters and significantly reducing calibration time.

The new integration between LabVIEW and modeFRONTIER can be used in a variety of powerful applications, including:

  • Tuning simulation models with experimental data
  • Reducing manual effort and time of tuning control parameters mapping the measurement systems
  • Optimizing industrial controllers with HIL Systems or physical hardware
  • Building and optimizing hybrid “real&virtual” systems



Improving Product Performance
by fitting simulation models with experimental data it is possible to enhance the stability of solutions despite uncertainties

Reducing Testing Process Time
by exploiting the synergy between modeFRONTIER and LabVIEW and minimizing manual effort 

Achieving a Robust Optimization Process
by implementing a rational decision making process between trade-off solutions


Application examples

Automated test and calibration: Printer Control Optimization

Challenge | To minimize printing time and maximize image quality in a printer head

Solution | Control parameters for a printer head are optimized in real-time, by setting-up the "Optimization-in-the-Loop" System. mF4LV is used to develop the DOE (Design of Experiments) and directing LabVIEW to continuously fine tune the parameters on the NI CompactRIO rapid controller prototype

Benefits | reduce test steps in the automated calibration for system level testing

Real-Machine-Target Optimization: Optimization of a Robotic Arm Movement

Challenge | To find the best trajectory minimizing the electric power consumption of a robotic arm

Solution | By piloting LabVIEW, mF4LV modifies the trajectory taking into account the fluctuation of input/output differences and the safety area of the physical object

Benefits | minimize the electric power consumption; avoid damage on the physical object during the test; enhance the effectiveness of the robotic arm movement

Application of optimization techniques to the automatic calibration of ECUs

Challenge | To quickly find the optimum calibration time on a real engine, mounted on a test bench

Solution | The spark advance optimization is performed using CompactRIO as a controller for ECUs (Engine Control Units) and for the test bench. The process is managed by mF4LV that directs LabVIEW to achieve Maximum Torque value

Benefits | reduce calibration time; obtain optimal management of an engine under test; achieve a robust and accurate optimization process

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