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modeFRONTIER for Calibration (mFC) toolbox is the new dedicated solution for fast, automated Model-Based Engine Calibration, included in modeFRONTIER. 

By replacing the manual tasks required at the engine test bench, it automates the generation of optimal ECU maps. mFC toolbox streamlines this complex process by exploiting ESTECO optimization technology through a simplified interface, tailored to the specific needs of engine calibration. 

The calibration process consists in tuning the Engine Control Unit (ECU) parameters to enhance efficiency and performance of the engine. Targets to achieve are usually based on trade-offs between opposing requirements. Crucial goals include: 

  •    the minimization of environmental exhaust emissions to meet local emission regulations
  •    the reduction of the fuel consumption
  •    the enhancement of engine’s power output (e.g. torque), durability, and drivability (NVH domain).

An efficient way to approach engine calibration is combining Model-Based Calibration (MBC) with an Hardware-in- the-loop (HIL) setup. 

In the Model-Based Calibration environment calibration experts define the targets, using functions of the operating conditions. By leveraging the metamodels (RSMs) included in ESTECO optimization technology it is possible to automatically populate the ECU maps and identify the optimal values for each target (e.g. ignition timing, fuel injection, camshaft position, throttle valve timing). Optimal control settings are verified in the HIL environment, consisting in 
a real engine, a test-bench that simulates vehicle-running conditions, providing feedback in real time, and a computer monitoring the test bench outputs and measuring the engine performances in terms of exhaust gas, fuel flow and combustion. 

With the two modeFRONTIER dedicated profiles the calibration experts perform the initial setup that can then be reused by test bench specialists, making license use efficient.




Full control of the process for calibration engineers

Experts take care of the initial system configuration, selection of model and identification of relevant variables and suitable parameters. Restricting the input space to the safe operation region is easy with the function generated by the mFC Classifier node. Experts customize the real time monitoring dashboard - the mFC Online Checker - and empower Test bench specialists with a tailored tool to control and adjust the execution.

Real-time monitoring tool for test bench specialists

Real-time monitoring tool for test bench specialists

Test Bench specialists use the dedicated and lighter profile to start and stop the execution while iteratively refining the DOE in the Boundary definition phase or increment the RSM accuracy in the Online Modeling phase. In addition, with the advanced post-processing tools, monitoring and immediately improving the calibration process becomes straightforward and time is significantly reduced.


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