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NI LabVIEW | Integration Node

The direct connection between the modeFRONTIER environment and LabVIEW enables data acquisition, control systems and Hardware-In-the-Loop systems to be fully integrated within the design process. LabVIEW monitoring parameters (“controls” and “indicators”) are automatically imported into the modeFRONTIER workflow during the introspection (becoming inputs and outputs), allowing the user to exploit the optimization cycles over the control parameters in real time processes and systems. 

This feature opens up a whole new set of possibilities for both scientists and simulation engineers: the automation of simulation software execution and experimental data acquisition can now be combined within the same workflow.

The direct integration between LabVIEW and modeFRONTIER makes the connection fast and simple and can be used for a variety of time-saving applications, including:



  • Tuning simulation models with experimental data
  • Reducing manual effort and time of tuning control parameters mapping the measurement systems
  • Creating and exporting meta-models of experimental data (Neural Networks,RBF,analytical functions, etc.)
  • Optimizing industrial controllers with HIL Systems or physical hardware
  • Building and optimizing hybrid real&virtual systems


Download ►INFOSHEET | LabVIEW Direct Integration Node

Discover mF4LV the light  modeFRONTIER add-on for LABVIEW 



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