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SCULPTOR | Direct Integration Node

Users of ESTECO’s process integration and optimization software modeFRONTIER and Optimal Solutions’ Sculptor mesh morphing software will now find it even easier to couple the two tools, thanks to the new interface. While running Sculptor from within modeFRONTIER’s environment has been possible for many years using text files and scripts, the new integration node provides a seamless interface which allows the user to introspect the Sculptor modelfile to identify the parameters of interest. 

Once these have been selected, the “auto build” feature within the node automatically creates a modeFRONTIER workflow, with all the required connections, leaving the user just to define the upper and lower bounds of the parameters, link to the analysis of interest (eg CFD or FEA), and select the best algorithm for the study. 

Learn how to set up an integration node for Sculptor within modeFRONTIER >>

Whether using Sculptor’s proprietary morphing technology for FEA, CFD or CAD, or for Shape Matching (to morph an initial shape into a target shape) the new interface with modeFRONTIER will allow users to achieve a shorter turnaroundtime than was previously possible.  




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