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Streamlining complexity with the new Sub-Process and Scheduling Nodes

Take the most out of your simulations with the advanced nodes dedicated to complex integration chains, nested processes to help engineers manage system-level optimization

With design teams adopting more and more sophisticated methods used to handle complex product development, modeFRONTIER offers advanced tools to efficiently streamline such complexity and improve designs.

By using these dedicated nodes helps build complex modular workflows reaching higher effectiveness in the management of design optimization analysis. Enhance your optimization and automation experience!


RSM Trainer node

By including the iterative training and validation of multiple response surfaces during project execution, this new integration node enables their real time validation according to a customizable performance index. This results in a quick identification of the best trained RSM for each output, with reduced manual effort. 

Design Space node

This new node streamlines the data analysis by exporting RSM functions and database objects generated runtime to the Design Space environment and, conversely, import data to the workflow. This feature enables to properly model data flows and interactions and better handle problem complexity.  

The Sub-Process Node

The Sub-Process Node introduces powerful new capabilities for automating the analysis of multifaceted engineering problems by autonomously executing process workflows. Processes are independent shells that identify parameters and computations for a given problem, very useful to describe and simulate specific subsystem behavior. 

The Sub-Process Node enables users to rapidly nest processes into modeFRONTIER projects. Complex problems are converted into a breakdown of its constituent parts: modeFRONTIER workflows become modular and re-usable, also natively supporting loop process execution. With its scripting facility enabling the customization of ending conditions (JavaScript)​ this node allows users to create well-organized, multi-disciplinary projects.


Scheduling Project Node for Complex Chains of Optimization

The Scheduling Project Node is a new component of the workflow further improving automatic exploration and optimization of the search space. It enables the execution of modular Optimization Projects with an incorporated optimization strategy, composed by a DOE step, the algorithm chosen and the defined objectives and constraints.

Engineers can now combine and automate multiple design exploration and optimization tasks, set up nested or hierarchical optimizations to simplify design problems by imposing a hierarchical decomposition of the search space, resulting in a ordered and effective execution of complex chains of problems.

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