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  • Optimization of a double sided centrifugal pump

    Centrifugal pumps are widely used in industrial applications. Compared to single-entry centrifugal pumps, double-sided pumps allow transportation of greater flow rates due to smaller proneness to cavitation, and offer counter-balancing of axial hydraulic forces due to double-entry design. In turbomachines, usually multiple objectives have to be optimized.​​

    paper 2017
  • Minimization of the Environmental Emissions of Closed-Loop Supply Chains A case study of returnable transport assets management

    A closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) is a system where the forward and reverse flows of items occur and should be managed simultaneously​.  The proper management of a CLSC requires the design, control and operation of the system to maximize value creation over the entire life cycle of a product, with dynamic recovery of value from different types and volumes of returned items​. This aim of this research is to evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of an existing CLSC​.

    paper 2017
  • Energy and daylighting optimization for an office with fixed and movable shading devices

    In this paper, external fixed shading device geometry is optimized in order to reduce the overall energy consumption in an office room provided with an extensive glazing and moveable Venetian blinds.  The optimizer modeFRONTIER drives the optimization using DAYSIM for internal illuminance and lighting electrical loads computation and ESP-r for building energy simulation. Here both the FAST and NSGA II genetic algorithms have been applied using the simplified approach of DAYSIM.

    paper 2016
  • Parametric Optimization of a Ladder Vehicle Chassis

    In this optimization process, modeling and simulation are done by coupling softwares ANSYS and modeFRONTIER. The objective is the reduction of dimensions of a vehicle ladder chassis, using a Cargo C-816 model, conceptually compound by two stringers and five traverse beams that connect them. FEA and concepts of manufacturing processes and mechanic of materials are used to certify the structure’s integrity after the initial volume reduction.

    paper 2016
  • Supporting Exploration of Design Alternatives using Multivariate Analysis Algorithms

    This study of a sports center investigates using modeFRONTIER's set of multivariate analysis algorithms for exploration of the design space.The proposed method is computationally efficient and integrated into an environment familiar to architects. It relies on algorithms together with database querying capabilities available in PostgreSQL and a developed dashboard, which uses the Grasshopper interface.

    paper 2016
  • Design of Radial Turbines Operating in the Organic Rankine Cycle Using Optimization and CFD

    This thesis proposes a methodology for the development of an appropriate tool for the design of radial turbines that are used in subcritical Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC). The integration of CFD techniques, construction of response surfaces using Radial Basis Function (RBF) and genetic algorithms form the proposed design process.

    paper 2016
  • A CAD-based method for multi-objectives optimization of mechanical products

    This study integrates three different levels of analysis: optimization problem definition, virtual prototyping and design optimization in order to reduce manufacturing time and cost in the mechanical field. The test case is a modular structure used in armchairs with the purpose of redesigning it to find an optimal solution with the use of CAD models, FEM software, and modeFRONTIER.

    paper 2016
  • Aerodynamic Optimization of High Speed Propellers

    In this thesis work, the focus is on the optimization of a new blade type Boxprop, a newly developed part used in aero-engines. The proposed design approach presents an optimization framework, a geometric parametrization, geometry creation, and mesh generation, in order to optimize the Boxprop concept by means of genetic algorithms.

    paper 2016
  • A Parametric Optimization Approach to Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect A Case Study in Ancona, Italy

    This research was conducted in order to identify the mutual dynamic relationships between different attributes of the urban morphology and meteorological parameters of a Mediterranean city. Analysis of the case study of Ancona, Italy allowed various city parameters to be tested for sustainability and their effectiveness in mitigating the urban heat island effect with the use of modeFRONTIER NSGA-II algorithm.

    paper 2016
  • Application of the Mixed Integer Linearized Exergoeconomic (MILE) method with evolutionary optimization to a cogeneration and district heating system

    This project aims to optimize a complex cogenerative system, which is a highly efficient form of energy conversion combining heat and power production (CHP). The problem was formulated as a bi-level linear programming problem using the commercial optimization software modeFRONTIER integrated with FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite.  

    paper 2016

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