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ESTECO Enterprise Suite

ESTECO Enterprise Suite | EES combines the advanced capabilities of the optimization platform modeFRONTIER 2014 with SOMO, the new distributed execution framework thought for managing collaborative design processes.

EES extends the familiar modeFRONTIER desktop paradigm to a web-based collaborative environment and empowers design teams with a sharing platform for models, workflows, simulations, optimizations and results.

​With ESTECO Enterprise Suite, companies can now link simulation data to PLM repositories, such as Siemens® Teamcenter® and PTC® Windchill®, ensuring quality and consistency throughout all stages of product development.

Integration experiences and fine-tuned optimization plans are replicated exploiting a template-driven approach and automatically connected to the enterprise data infrastructure.


Collaboration: focus on your expertise

Design teams benefit from pooling multiple competencies and skills along the optimization process flow. Domain experts, optimization and integration specialists and decision makers join forces to build advanced multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) frameworks/workflows, reaching a better control over the design of complex systems.

► Efficiently manage design team workloads and roles
► Specialists focus on their expertise, keeping track of enhancements in the company data infrastructure 

Shared Knowledge: protect company IP

Intangible assets are the key to design innovation. EES supports engineering departments in preserving and valuably re-using the knowledge acquired in years. Single specialists’ experience and skills are transferred to a wisely structured database, protecting companies’ intellectual property while growing into shared knowledge.

Link simulation data to PLM repositories, ensuring quality and consistency throughout all stages of product development
Preserve and replicate integration best practices and fine-tuned optimization plans with a template-driven approach

Access anytime and anywhere

The more teams relay on structured/connected framework to harmonize their work the more design cycles get shorter. EES allows for rapid access and processing of simulation data and results:  from anywhere, anytime.

Optimization campaigns results are immediately available to Decision Makers
►Team members enjoy a user-tailored access to the shared repository and perform interactive tasks online

Maximize efficiency of computational resources

Achieve a rational usage of computational resources and save time and resources with distributed runtime. The intelligent Queue Manager included in EES automatically arrange calculation nodes workloads for a secure and monitored distributed computation structure.

► Deploy optimization best practices on HPC or cloud-based systems
► Benefit from distributed frameworks and flexibly manage software licenses


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