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  • Automotive Aerodynamic Design Exploration Employing New Optimization Methodology Based on CFD

    In the past few decades, a number of environmentally friendly technologies in the automotive industry have been developed. Automotive styling is also regarded as an important factor in resolving environmental issues by reducing drag force, which results in high fuel efficiency. This paper demonstrates an efficient automotive aerodynamic optimization process and automatic system based on CFD.

  • Automatic calibration of internal combustion engine parameters 3-axis

    The main purpose of the collaboration between Alma Automotive and ESTECO is the implementation of a demonstrator able to highlight the added-value given by coupling National Instruments devices with modeFRONTIER framework, while exploiting specific applications developed by Alma Automotive for the engine set-up.

  • CFD optimization for GDI spray model tuning and enhancement of engine performance

    Coupling a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool with a rigorous method of decision making is becoming indispensable in the design process of complex systems, as internal combustion engines. CFD based optimization (CFD-O) is here carried out on a single cylinder, four-valve, four-stroke gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine, to enhance mixture formation under stratified charge operation, hence to choose between the single or double injection strategy maximizing the engine power output.

  • A method for selecting surrogate models in crashworthiness optimization

    In past decades the simulation results of vehicle impacts have reached high confidence levels. However, impact simulation remains computationally expensive, even though it is commonly used. Surrogate model or response surface based design optimization has been widely adopted as a common process in automotive industry and high fidelity models are often required.

  • Automotive and Transportation

    modeFRONTIER has been widely used by players of the automotive sector and a number of success stories testify the advantages of automating and optimizing the analysis linked to vehicle development in the structural, fluid dynamic, crash&safety, multi-physics, multi-body and many other disciplines.

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