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  • Study to Develop Optimum Shape for Compressor Entrance Guide Vane

    An inlet guide vane is designed for an Ecotorq EU6 engine in this study at Ford Otosan, Turkey. The optimization of this component is performed with a workflow built by modeFRONTIER software with focus on two main output parameters for the study, swirl ratio and pressure drop. The workflow incorporates CATIA, StarCCM+ and combines two operating systems (Windows and Linux).

  • Multi-objective optimization of a V6 3.0L diesel engine for automotive applications, using GT-SUITE and modeFRONTIER

    In this project, GT-SUITE and modeFRONTIER are coupled to investigate several engine design parameters on engine performance using a  V6 3.0L diesel engine as an example​. With eight engine configurations, time to torque is one of the objectives selected for this optimization process.

  • Aero Optimization of Volvo S60 WTCC Race Car

    The Volvo S60 is the racing car used by Cyan racing in the World Touring Car Championships. Optimization software modeFRONTIER was chosen for the aero optimization process of the vehicle, due to the complexity of the format of the championship, limited time and limited prior experience. 

  • Optimization of Active Grille Shutters Operation for Increased Fuel Economy

    This presentations shows the optimization of active grill shutters in order to improve fuel economy and reduce drag penalty of a motor vehicle. The integration of softwares modeFRONTIER and Exa PowerFLOW facilitate the optimization process bringing valid results for the design of a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • Is MDO the enabler to the Technology that is driving the Change

    A new approach in multidisciplinary optimization is developed at Jaguar Land Rover, one that drives collaboration among all team members. In an example, a vehicle bonnet is designed using new MDO methods. Genetic algorithms in modeFRONTIER are used to find an optimal solution.

  • Method development for early architectural optimization of a wheel suspension system

    A two-phase optimization approach is developed for the optimization of a rear wheel suspension system with the goal of reducing NVH, and improving ride and handling. The softwares modeFRONTIER and MotionSolve are coupled to find the optimal results in order to meet requirements for lowest cost and weight.

  • Multi-objective robust optimization of the closing functionality of a trunk lid

    A demonstration of the optimization of a car trunk lid closing functionality is presented in this work from the Body and Closures Department at Volvo Cars. The lid should be easy to close yet not damage the car even if it is slammed shut by full force.The approach uses a workflow designed in modeFRONTIER to shorten development time and find the solution these contradicting demands. 

  • Tolerance Management 3.0- Optimizing the Physics

    EnginSoft, in collaboration with TTC3 Gmbh implements Tolerance management 3.0 in its engineering methodology. A multidisciplinary approach using modeFRONTIER is necessary to reach optimal results when complexity and conflicting targets are present. This will drive quality in the product line long-term.

  • Acoustic characterization and modeling of an automotive floor carpet by combining modeFRONTIER and MSC Actran

    Trim material is studied for the optimization of vehicle acoustics in order to increase quality in the automotive industry. Here the combination of modeFRONTIER and Actran result in an excellent numerical representation of complex porous material.

  • Lightweight Multidisciplinary Optimization for Vehicle Part Design

    This presentation from the Ford Motor Company demonstrates the advantages of multidisciplinary optimization with the aim of achieving lightweight design. The integration of softwares modeFRONTIER and CATIA makes for quick and easy optimization with the optimal result of robust, lightweight designs. This study demonstrates an optimization process of a motor vehicle chassis part.


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