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  • Process and device optimization of a Silicon solar Cell by interfacing Modefrontier with Silvaco (Athena-Atlas)

    This presentation highlights the ease of coupling modeFRONTIER with SILVACO sw packages: Moreover the use of RSM in the optimization process can reduce drastically the simulation time, and the MOGA-II algorithm improves the design quality in few generations. This kind of optimization gives the possibility to compare different processes by estimating the maximum efficiency achievable for the cell.

  • Comparison between Multiobjective Population-based Optimization Algorithms in Mechanical Problem

    The objective of this paper was to perform a comparative study among multi-objective optimization methods on practical problem by using modeFRONTIER optimization software, to determine the efficiency of each method. In order to measure the effectiveness and competence of each method, the lifting arm problem was chosen from the literature.

  • Computational transport phenomena in bioprocessing

    A variety of transport phenomena can be found in bio- and food engineering, and can be usefully studied to analyze and improve existing processes or pursue innovation. A vast body of fundamental and applied research is presently available, and many approaches have been proposed so far, but a simplification of these approaches may contribute to a broader comprehension of the intimate workings of food processes. Affordable solutions of a variety of models based on PDE differential equations have been made possible by the development and availability of robust and efficient Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes to realize a flexible computing workplace.

  • Multi-objective optimization for antenna design

    Once the integration of the model in the optimization environment is done, all the optimization capabilities can be applied to improve the performance of the antenna. The optimization is a full batch process (no human intervention during the run phase), but can be constantly monitored from a “run-log” graphic console. Today multi-core PCs and clusters are able to carry out multi-objectives optimization of a complex model by a reasonable computational time.

  • Multi-Objective Optimization of BGA Packages

    In this presentation we will describe an optimization procedure that can be conveniently and efficiently employed for determining: The design parameters that are critical for BGA packages; their relative importance and the actual BGA the actual BGA optimal design optimal design

  • Development of high efficiency heat exchanger for Air-conditioner using optimization technique

    In this paper, the new technique of the optimization, especially for heat and fluid problems which has a complicated design area of solution that consists of many design variables, is proposed. It is characterized by dividing design area applying data-mining to the sampled dataset, and advancing optimization for every design area. The proposed method is applied to the development of the heat exchanger fin, and the result verifying the validity is reported.

  • Design Optimization for Human WellBeing and Overall System Performance

    In the following study AnyBody software has been employed within the optimization environment of modeFRONTIER to create a very helpful tool to calculate and optimize the muscular-skeletal forces for general movements of the human body to optimize ergonomic situations.

  • Lightening of a suspension’s component through parametric design and optimization L

    In this work, the optimization, in the modeFRONTIER environment, of a rear suspension's component using an automatic FEM model generation procedures presented. The results of a DOE plan has been used to create an approximation model (RSM) in order to explore better the variability domain. An improved design in terms of reduced mass (about -30%) with satisfactory performances has been achieved.

  • Optimisation methodologies applied to the design of a gas turbine cooling system

    Design optimization techniques are a new frontier in engineering planning. Usually designers use “cut and try” methods in developing their projects, taking advantage of their Company’s Databases and internal know-how. Optimization algorithms can join this system and give a relevant improvement to the development time and design quality. In its R&D department , AVIO Group has began some projects in order to test the capabilities of 
    modeFRONTIER®, when coupled with its own software and methodologies and applied to turbo machinery problems.

  • Automated Design Optimization For A Diesel Combustion Concept Based On CFD Flow Analyses

    The improvement of fuel consumption and emission behavior is a main challenge of combustion engine development today. Further optimization of mixture formation and combustion process are needed for diesel as well as for gasoline engines. In addition the strong impact of the intake port flow and the incylinder flow motion is widely known. To get detailed information rapidly FEV uses 3-D flow simulation (CFD) for the optimization of port and piston bowl CAD-layout.


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