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fluid dynamics

  • CFD Based Response Surface Modeling with an Application in Missile Aerodynamics

    In this study, steps of Computational Fluid Dynamics based reliable Response Surface Model generation are explained by applying the methods to a missile designed in Aselsan Inc. In order to generate RSMs, design of  experiment is made by using modeFRONTIER. The aim here is obtaining the aerodynamic database of the missile with a small error range in a short time period.

  • CFD investigation of a Stirling engine flexi-fuel burner

    In this study, 3D CFD combustion simulations are applied to an industrial Stirling engine combustion chamber at atmospheric pressure. In this kinetic optimization method, CHEMKIN software has been used to solve premixed flame equations, coupled with the optimization toolbox modeFRONTIER. The optimized mechanism consists of four global reactions.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Design Optimization

    An optimization method has been designed for improving the performance of Archimedes screw axial rotary blood pumps. The advantages of the established pump design theory are combined with modern computer-aided, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)- based design optimization. modeFRONTIER and ANSYS are coupled in this optimization process.

  • Study to Develop Optimum Shape for Compressor Entrance Guide Vane

    An inlet guide vane is designed for an Ecotorq EU6 engine in this study at Ford Otosan, Turkey. The optimization of this component is performed with a workflow built by modeFRONTIER software with focus on two main output parameters for the study, swirl ratio and pressure drop. The workflow incorporates CATIA, StarCCM+ and combines two operating systems (Windows and Linux).

  • Robust Design Optimization of a Free-Fall-Life-Boat (FFLB) Using Fluid-Structure Interaction and Kinematics Analysis

    A free fall lifeboat, or FFLB, is the focus in this optimization methodology run in modeFRONTIER, coupling ANSA, Meta and the FSI solver. A Kinematic solver calculates the initial conditions of the FSI analysis for different initial positions of the vessel, provided by the DoE tool. The results lead to useful conclusions for the lifeboat's robust trajectory.

  • Aero Optimization of Volvo S60 WTCC Race Car

    The Volvo S60 is the racing car used by Cyan racing in the World Touring Car Championships. Optimization software modeFRONTIER was chosen for the aero optimization process of the vehicle, due to the complexity of the format of the championship, limited time and limited prior experience. 

  • Optimization of Active Grille Shutters Operation for Increased Fuel Economy

    This presentations shows the optimization of active grill shutters in order to improve fuel economy and reduce drag penalty of a motor vehicle. The integration of softwares modeFRONTIER and Exa PowerFLOW facilitate the optimization process bringing valid results for the design of a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • Engineering success in the America's Cup

    This presentation demonstrates new optimization solutions for Land Rover Bar yacht racing team and America's Cup races. The optimization examples use NX tools and software modeFRONTIER to find the optimal solution for improved efficiency in design.

  • 3D shape synthesis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine blades for specified wind distribution and tip speed ratio

    The increasing demand for renewable energy resources have resulted in a preference for the vertical axis wind turbine, or VAWT. The aim of this paper is to develop a workflow that can develop an optimal blade shape in the VAWT. The methodology was based on the input wind speed distribution and TSR limits.


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