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industrial equipment

  • Innovative Computer Aided Solidification Technology

    ERGOLINES and ESTECO teamed up to elaborate this new technology for 'assisted solidification' of steel to improve further the quality of the final product. The goal is to optimize the stirrer parameters and reduce internal and surface defects, increase product homogeneity and minimize energy consumption.

  • Formulation and optimization of involute spur gear in external gear pump

    The study focuses on developing a methodology of designing asymmetric involute gear, and formulate analytical expression for the instantaneous flowrate and flow non-uniformity given by asymmetric, non-standard involute gear pumps. These analytical expressions are then used within a multi-objective numerical optimization algorithm aimed at minimizing both the flow non-uniformity and the pump size to achieve a specific displacement.​

  • Optimization of a conveyor transfer chute including particle flows

    A common problem in the transfer chute is the unbalanced mass flow at the outlet conveyor. The objective consists in reducing the difference in curve averages of total mass in left and right part of the conveyor. Coupling Rocky DEM with modeFRONTIER enabled engineers to select the optimum design that reduced this difference to 0.2%.​

  • design optimization and testing of high-performance motors

    This article has reported on an industrial R&D project aimed at identifying a cost-effective response to the more and more challenging high-speed motor requirements that presently come from the gas industry sector. To meet the very high efficiency, dynamic performance, and reliability standards required by cutting-edge turbomachinery drive applications, a special PM synchronous motor prototype has been developed. 

  • How to optimize an external gear pump in highly constrained conditions

    The objective of this project was to take a standard series gear pump with a displacement of about 20 cc/rev and to minimize its noise emission, while at the same time maintaining the same level of performance. The optimizer modeFRONTIER and simulator HygeSim are used to find the optimal configurations of the pump model. 

  • ESTECO webinar recording | A CAD-Mesh mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities

    In this joint webinar, ESTECO and RBF Morph present an innovative CAD-Mesh mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities. Riccardo Cenni from SACMI describes how engineers at SACMI Ceramic Engineering Department leveraged modeFRONTIER, RBF Morph and ANSYS Workbench to develop an hybrid methodology combining CAD and mesh based approach overtaking the limits of the shape optimization based on the single disciplines. 

  • Changing Tack: Moving to Collaborative Simulation Led Engineering

    Designing a product means understanding the tradeoffs needed to satisfy competing drivers. Lighter and stronger? Cheaper to make and cheaper to operate? Imagine if you could examine dozens, hundreds, thousands of design alternatives before committing to a single component.

    white paper & focus

    The presented research proposes an MDO-based methodology for design of high-performing haptic devices. Input data are modeled in Matlab and Creo Element. By utilizing the ModeFRONTIER software tool, these models are integrated in the MOGA-based automatic optimization process. At the end, sets of Pareto optimal solutions that fulfill all constraints are generated and stored for further analysis. 

  • Flexibility analysis and determination of elastic deformations for robot manipulator

    This paper presents the flexibility and kineto-elasto dynamic analysis of a robot manipulator. The aim is to produce a trajectory that will improve the motion time and the trajectory tracking of a standard industrial machine whether it is applied to the machine through a simplified controller or a more complex controller. MATLAB and modeFRONTIER are coupled in this methodology.


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