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sensitivity analysis

  • modeFrontier Application to Innovative Wind Generators

    In this proceeding the application of modeFRONTIER optimization tool has been reported for the design of a slotless micro-wind generator. The use of modeFRONTIER highly simplified the design process by shorting the development time. The Pareto frontier has been progressively reduced by transforming objective functions into constraints single-objective optimization. The optimal design has been implemented in the actual generator which has been manufactured and tested, and test results have confirmed the effectiveness of the design approach.

  • Developing renewable energy systems using ModeFrontier

    The design and testing of new devices can be very difficult and time consuming. It is always difficult to combine requested precision with available time. modeFRONTIER can be very useful in speeding up the design procedure in every step of the process. In this article two different applications of this philosophy will be presented. The first regards the first step of the design of a 3 MW wind turbine. The second example regards the exploration of the design space of a combustor for TPV application using a simplified model. ​

  • Fluid-dynamic Optimization of Kayak and Rowing boats

    The study major target is to improve and optimize sporting equipment used by Italian Olympic athletes in the Summer and/or Winter Olympic games.Starting from the parametric CAD model developed in CATIA V5, the CFD model has been developed and integrated into modeFRONTIER optimization platform to achieve the requested goals.The rudder and fin design has been developed, according to Olympic Game regulation, in order to increase performance and (when possible) stability.

  • Efficient Global Optimization for Geomechanical Model Calibration

    The presentation proposed by Mathematical Methods & Models for Engineering concerns the solution to the problem of forecasting the displacement of the ground due to seasonal injection and extraction due to Underground Gas Storage (UGS) in a field in Lombardia (Italy). 

  • Shape Optimization of a Monohull Fishing Vessel

    This paper presents the development of an optimization procedure, applied to a fishing vessel performed by SIREHNA as part of different collaborative research projects:

    COCHISE: whose aim is to develop several ship designs (Naval Architect : B.E.Mauric), assess their performances, and then optimize one selected concept, from the resistance/seakeeping point of view.
    OMD2: aims at optimization involving heavy CFD calculations originally developed in the automotive industry.

  • Optimization techniques applied to compliant vertical-access riser

    ​In offshore oil production activities, special pipes, called risers, are employed to connect the wellheads at the sea-bottom to a floating platform unit. The design of risers is a challenging task, due to the continuous increase in exploitation depth, as at pre-salt fields.

  • Multi-objective optimization of steel fusion welding

    Steel fusion welding is characterized by phase transformations influencing the final mechanical properties. Such properties and modifications are strongly related to welding parameters such as speed, current, voltage and heat input. In the present paper hardness, residual stresses, phase transformations, tensile, fatigue and impact properties of different steel welds have been related to the material composition, geometry and the welding conditions by employing modeFRONTIER.

  • CFD Parametric screening of a filling machine

    This study analyzes particular positions of the machine in order to evaluate if the pressure is too high or too low.

  • Evolutionary multi-objective design optimisation of energy harvesting MEMS

    The design and optimization of Energy Harvesting (EH) Micro-Electromechanical-Systems (MEMS) is of particular interest in this research.

  • Optimization applied to Indycar Racing

    modeFRONTIER helped Ferrari Dragon Racing to achieve better efficiency and understand the parameters involved in the setup of the car. modeFRONTIER allowed them to perform studies with the ChassisSim, the lap time simulation tool, so they had chosen modeFRONTIER to help team's needs.


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