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structural analysis

  • Use of Parametric Finite Element Models to Investigate Effects of Occupant

    This research project aims to investigate the effects of age, sex, and BMI on variations in LX geometry, material properties, body size, and body shape and the effects of these variations on lower-extremity injury risk. This was accomplished by performing simulations with male and female human body FE models that have geometry and material properties that are parametric with age, BMI, and stature. The optimization process was run in modeFRONTIER.

  • Numerical multi objective optimization of a squirrel cage induction motor for industrial application

    This paper reports the optimization process of a MW-size, medium voltage, squirrel cage induction motor for industrial applications. The main optimization targets are the power density increase in the strict respect of given Oil&Gas international regulations.  The optimization method is based on genetic multiobjective search, and involves key geometrical variables of the electromagnetic design, processed by means of a dedicated hybrid FEA and analytical algorithm; the optimization is based on the commercial software modeFRONTIER.

  • Flexibility analysis and determination of elastic deformations for robot manipulator

    This paper presents the flexibility and kineto-elasto dynamic analysis of a robot manipulator. The aim is to produce a trajectory that will improve the motion time and the trajectory tracking of a standard industrial machine whether it is applied to the machine through a simplified controller or a more complex controller. MATLAB and modeFRONTIER are coupled in this methodology.

  • Combining the pressure effect with local heat treatment for improving the sheet metal forming process

    Here we explore the advantages of Hydromechanical Deep Drawing when AA5754 Tailored Heat Treated Blanks are adopted. Due to the large number of involved parameters, a multi-objective optimization procedure was carried out. An axial symmetric FE model was coupled with the optimization platform modeFRONTIER which brought optimal results.

  • A CAD-based method for multi-objectives optimization of mechanical products

    This study integrates three different levels of analysis: optimization problem definition, virtual prototyping and design optimization in order to reduce manufacturing time and cost in the mechanical field. The test case is a modular structure used in armchairs with the purpose of redesigning it to find an optimal solution with the use of CAD models, FEM software, and modeFRONTIER.

  • Parametric Optimization of a Ladder Vehicle Chassis

    In this optimization process, modeling and simulation are done by coupling softwares ANSYS and modeFRONTIER. The objective is the reduction of dimensions of a vehicle ladder chassis, using a Cargo C-816 model, conceptually compound by two stringers and five traverse beams that connect them. FEA and concepts of manufacturing processes and mechanic of materials are used to certify the structure’s integrity after the initial volume reduction.

  • A CAD-MESH mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities

    A methodology to overtake the limits in CAD and MESH based shape optimization has been developed and applied on an industrial component. modeFRONTIER is used to manage the optimization loop. The proposed methodology allows to integrate the flexibility of MESH morphing techniques with the advantages of parametric CAD​.


    MUSICAS is a project aimed to demonstrate that the rational integration of existing software in a business infrastructure can consider that automating processes may lead to effective methodologies. This project explores multiphysics modelling R&D of the welding process.

  • BIM-Based Structural Optimization in Building Design Practice

    There is a real need for simplification in the building industry where optimization implementation is still rare. A driver to push integration of parametric modeling and optimization into the construction industry can be identified in BIM (Building Information Modelling). A structural optimization test-case provided by Studio Iorio in Italy is used as an example.


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