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Engineering Data Intelligence

Use relevant design performance metrics for informed decision making. Leverage aggregate product data and engineering information. VOLTA keeps teams on track by allowing them to concurrently compare, validate and decide on design solutions. 

The automated intelligence of design exploration and optimization technologies produces large amounts of data. VOLTA offers a set of analytic tools that supports complex decision making processes by collecting relevant structured data. Engineering departments achieve a comprehensive understanding of the design, identifying relevant data trends and obtaining a live feedback on designs to anticipate and take better decisions.  



  • Focus on relevant design performance metrics
  • Collaborative and informed Decision Making
  • Accelerated, in-depth understanding of design


Dashboard for synchronized data visualization

Data analysts know that sometimes one tool is not enough to inform decisions. To get complete analysis and see the big picture, you need context — and that means having all your analysis data in one place. In this version, we are introducing the VOLTA Dashboard which lets you analyze session data using different tools side-by-side, making efficient use of all available data and giving you the context and the insight to make the right decisions.

​And it's not just for data analysts. The Dashboard's synchronized data visualization and easy-to-use tools also empowers other teams to access and use session data with confidence.

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