About | ESTECO Academy Program

ESTECO Academy is an innovative community of practice built around Design Optimization and the modeFRONTIER multidisciplinary optimization platform. With a rich collection of media and training material and a complementary calendar of events, it supports students and researchers who wish to learn about optimization in engineering.

Unlock the potential of your engineering projects whether you are learning or teaching. Choose from the three membership plans available: Student, Researcher or Professor.

Software License

Sign up to ESTECO Academy and become an expert in optimization-based design with a one-year modeFRONTIER license. 

Online Training

Get immediate access to the ESTECO Academy portal and browse the online courses, tutorials, technical focuses and hundreds of case studies. 

Dedicated Events

Attend complementary training sessions and seminars at top universities and research centers and get official certification. 



Are you already using simulation tools? Upgrade to the powerful optimization capabilities of modeFRONTIER for your academic design projects!


Step up your research project with optimization! Apply for a thesis/research grant, the most innovative proposals will earn free membership.


Make your resume shine! Get your career on the fast track by acquiring the essential engineering skills and competencies that employers are looking for.

ESTECO for Academia 

Since its foundation as a university spin-off, ESTECO has established a close relationship with the academic world: Professors around the world use the modeFRONTIER optimization platform to teach students how to approach real world multidisciplinary engineering problems. By offering special licenses, dedicated training sessions and material, ESTECO helps students get a first-hand experience of a professional optimization tool and consequently improve their research works using. We believe that giving students the opportunity to work with advanced software from the early stages of their academic path significantly increases their professional skills.