• 19/10/2016

Amazing winning projects at CAE International Poster Award 2016: Congratulations!

ESTECO congratulates the winners of the CAE International Poster Award 2016, awarded on the 17th of October at the International CAE Conference held in Parma, Italy. 

The Poster Award – open to students, PhD students, researchers and academics – acknowledges poster presentations that represent the best, most creative and original use of numerical simulation software in the development of a research or design project. Five winners and one special mention were selected by the jury.


  • Antonio Maria D'Altri, University of Bologna, Italy - Advanced numerical modeling of historical monumental buildings [2]
  • Leonardo Palma, Politecnico di Milano, Shape Optimization and CFD RANS Codes: an Adjoint-based Strategy for Drag Reduction in Automotive Applications [9]
  • Alessandra Maioli, Politecnico di Milano, Computational analysis of the fluid dynamics and drug delivery inside the posterior chamber of the eye in case of saccadic movements [13]
  • Giulio Gambetta, University of Padova, Multi-design Innovative Cooling Research & Optimization (MICRO): a novel proposal for enhanced heat transfer in DEMO [40]
  • Leonardo Bertini, University of Pisa, Multilevel Approach for Vibration Characterization of a Lawn Tractor through Numerical Tools and Experimental Analysis [45]


  • Gianfranco Palumbo, Politecnico di Bari, Innovative stamping process for fully-customized prosthetic implants [44]

As the last year, ESTECO joined EnginSoft in sponsoring the Poster Award and awarded the winning  teams with a one-year membership for the ESTECO Academy, a program which aims at fostering the use of optimization technology in academia.

The poster presentations came from universities around the world, with topics covering a wide range of research fields, from biomechanics to civil engineering. See the winning projects and a complete list of all the entries here.