• 28/11/2016

VIDEO | Andrea Zugna, from University to Honda Racing

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trieste in 2001, Andrea Zugna started his career as a race engineer in the MotoGP. First he joined Masao Furusawa at Yamaha - just as Valentino Rossi joined the team - then he moved to Honda Racing Corporation in 2010 where he has held the position of Chief Performance Engineer ever since. In this video he discusses how he steered his engineering career from university to the MotoGP circuits - "half luck and half brain" he says.

"I thought 'I need to do an internship for my thesis' and there was the chance to go to LMS Engineering in Belgium. And the good thing was that before graduating I had already my first job and I think this shortcut is very important". 

Hundreds of students who entered our ESTECO Academy Design Competition agree with him. Teams of students are striving to deliver the most innovative design project to win an internship at Aprilia Racing. By taking part in the competition, they have the opportunity to get work on a real world engineering problem while learning how to use first-class software used by engineering professionals. Best of luck to them all!

What about you? Which shortcuts are you taking to get on the fast track to the world of work? Hear from Andrea Zugna in the video... and be inspired!