ESSS Webinar | Optimization Series

ESTECO Academy presents the ESSS Webinar Series dedicated to Optimization. Sign-up for the free webcasts offered in Portuguese and Spanish!

The constant demand for lower production costs and increased competitiveness lead companies to seek more stringent and efficient methods for project development, such as optimization techniques. They gain more and more space in leading industries, replacing manual methods of trial and error, and allow the engineer more time to devote to developing new solutions. However, the mathematical foundations of this technology are still unknown for most designers, which frequently impossible to obtain innovative solutions. This introductory course will present the main optimization concepts.

The initiative consists of two webcasts each lasting 2 hours and covering the agenda below.





Instructor | Brayan Paredes​
Part I > 13th March 2015
Colombia | Peru > 13:00      Argentina | Chile > 15:00

Part II > 20th March 2015      Colombia | Peru > 13:00      Argentina | Chile > 15:00

Instructor | Guilherme ​ 
Jenovencio M.Sc.​

Part I > 17th March 2015
14:00 > (GMT -3) 

Part II > 24th March 2015​
14:00  > (GMT -3)


- Basic concepts of optimization
- Introduction to optimization problem; Optimality conditions
- Optimization algorithms


Based algorithms derived
Nelder-Mead method (Simplex)


Multiobjective optimization


Difference between mono-objective optimization and multi-objective;
Dominance concept;
Genetic Algorithms


Examples of applications using multidisciplinary optimization tool


Based algorithms derived
Nelder-Mead method (Simplex)