• 21/07/2016

ESTECO Academy supports Rutgers University Optimization Projects

ESTECO is proud to support students and researchers at the Center for Computational Design at Rutgers University

Under the supervision of  prof. Doyle Knight, students involved in the research activity at the Center for Computational Design at Rutgers learn how to use computational methods to analyze fluid reactions in conjunction with flight. They use state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics to simulate both incompressible and compressible flows and compare simulation result with experiments. Projects include the analysis of how different types of inlets for high-speed aircraft can impact the efficiency of their engines, as well as other aspects of these aircraft. 

By combining CFD tools with modeFRONTIER they can include trade studies and optimization in their projects and earn hands-on experience on advanced optimization algorithms and statistical tools.

One of prof. Knight students, Marco Maia, PhD candidate of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) told us about his succesful optimization project using modeFRONTIER: the "Naviator".

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