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June - 2017

Ercoftac Design Optimization Course @University of Trieste

ESTECO Academy is proud to support the organization of a Design Optimization three-day course promoted by Ercoftac and coordinated by professor K. Giannakoglou, National Techical University of Athens, Greece. The course will be held at the University of Trieste, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, in the Conference Room A (Giorgieri), Building C7 on June 5th-7th, 2017. 

  • 2017-06-05
  • University of Trieste
  • Europe
  • Training



Doors open for Academy Members at ESTECO International Users Meeting 2018

​​Are you a design optimization enthusiast? Come to ESTECO International Users Meeting 2018 and find out how some of the world's most innovative companies are bringing together numerical efficiency and effective data handling. ESTECO welcomes students, researchers, and professors to the ESTECO International Users' Meeting, which will be held on 23rd-24th May 2018 in Trieste, Italy.