FAQ | ESTECO Academy Design Competition 2018

What is the ESTECO Academy Design Competition?

ESTECO Academy Design Competition is an annual design competition that gives engineering students the chance to work collaboratively or individually, test the skills in numerical analysis, simulation and optimization, use the innovative design software to design the perfect Microgrid system, and contend for the 1st Prize.

Who can participate?

Participants can be individuals or teams up to 5 people currently enrolled in a postgraduate or undergraduate university course or high school course. Students that are currently working can take part in the competition. Each member of the team must be able to prove his/her student status by means of a current enrollment certification.

How do I connect with other students and build a team?

Whether you're an individual looking to link up with others or a partial team looking for a few additional members, the ESTECO Academy Facebook Page is a great way to make connection and build a strong team! Simply join the community and post an ad for your ideal teammates!

How can I register to participate?

To participate in the competition, individuals and each team member must register by filling in this form > academy.esteco.com/competition

In order to finalize your participation in the ESTECO Academy Design Competition 2018, you should provide:

- The official name of your team & member names

- Student ID number

- Copy of University/High School enrollment certificate

- A signed copy of the Competition Agreement

Remember to send all documents to academy@esteco.com.

If you are already registered, but you want to change the team name, send an email to academy@esteco.com

What is the challenge?

The competition challenge consists of the design/sizing of a hybrid microgrid that uses both conventional and renewable energy sources to provide energy supply to a manufacturing facility.  By leveraging the power and flexibility of ESTECO’s modeFRONTIER optimization platform, the participating teams will use principles of engineering and modeling tools to design the best microgrid with reduced overall costs and minimized CO2 emissions, taking into account the operating conditions and respecting the constraints. In addition, they are also encouraged to design and optimize, at their choice, one or more of the components of the microgrid to optimize system performance.

The submitted work should be innovative and should demonstrate the use of the modeFRONTIER optimization platform. The jury will favor designs which lead to significant improvements in energy usage and sustainability.  See more at https://www.esteco.com/academy/esteco-academy-microgrid-design-competiti...

Take a look at the VIDEO and Download Rules and Regulations!

If you need any other technical information about the design challenge send an email to academy@esteco.com.

How will the solutions be judged?

The judging panel will include one member for each company promoting the competition and will be either a company representative or and external judge chosen by the company. The jury’s decision is final.
The results will be judged on the basis of the following three criteria:

• innovation proposed by the team compared with traditional solutions and/or solutions already available in the open technical and scientific literature

• predicted (and justified) performances at the system (microgrid) and component (if applicable) level 

• methodology adopted

Deadlines and important dates:

7th December 2018 > Closing team registration

30th May 2019 > Closing project work submissions

September 2019 > Winner Announcement

When software/material will be available?

The links to download modeFRONTIER software and related documentation will be provided in November by the ESTECO Academy team.


- Available from Dec. 8th, 2018 until May. 30th 2019

- VPN based access [HOW-TO guide provided to accepted teams]

- modeFRONTIER floating licenses for teams / single seat license for individual

- participants

Support material provided:

- Training material on ESTECO Academy reserved area > academy.esteco.com/academy/training

- PPT template for project submission (emailed to teams)

- Meet the expert webinar on November 14h, 2018 

How to setup and access the license server

Please follow the instructions HERE and download it!

How to find hostid and hostname of your computer for license file?

Open command prompt by typing cmd in the search and hitting enter. In the command prompt type ipconfig /all” and hit enter. Different adapters and their physical addresses are displayed. Find the term Hostname at the top.

For hostid scroll down to find “Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:” and the alphanumeric ID in front of Physical Address is the Hostid.

How can I submit my project?

Submissions will be judged on the basis of a technical report (maximum 20 pages) integrated by a PPT presentation (maximum 20 slides) with project strengths and the motivations behind the proposed design solution.

The technical report should clearly identify the assumptions made and the eventual limitations of the simulation model used. Engineering choices not verified by a quantitative analysis should be justified with other means.

Templates for both the technical report and the PPT will soon be emailed to teams. All submissions must be sent to academy@esteco.com

What can we win?

Teams or individuals will contend for amazing prizes awards by our panel of judges.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize:

- 600$

- 1 year of ESTECO Academy membership for each team member

2nd Prize:

- 300$

- 1 year of ESTECO Academy membership for each team member

3rd Prize:

- 150$

- 1 year of ESTECO Academy membership for each team member

The members of the top 3 teams will also have the opportunity to be considered for an internship at a Cummins site worldwide. 

Do we need to take into account potential realistic problems?

It is not mandatory, however if assumptions are correctly documented and justified it would be positively received by the jury.