• 02/09/2014

The IntelliPath project to be showcased at TriesteNext

​We are proud to announce that ESTECO has partnered with the University of Trieste to develop the IntelliPath system to be showcased at Trieste Next, the European Science Research Forum scheduled for the 26-27-28th of September in the city center of Trieste. This academic project is aimed at providing students with a university counseling tool that brings together different disciplinary areas within the Faculty of Engineering.

The IntelliPath demonstrative system shows how a small vehicle can be automatically piloted within a given “playground” by leveraging image processing and optimization algorithms. A 2WD vehicle is connected via radio to a computer, while a webcam is positioned above the playground area that includes a green block for the target and yellow blocks as obstacles to be avoided.

After the image processing algorithms elaborate the video signal to identify the target and obstacles, modeFRONTIER optimization algorithms are used to identify the shortest and most efficient path. See it in action in the video below! Ask our experts and learn more on IntelliPath at Trieste Next!